Banking has become alot easier and several banks have come with transfer code, diamond bank is not an exception in this. Diamond bank in partnership with MTN Nigeria provided a code.

The diamond bank transactions code is provided via the collaboration of Diamond bank with MTN Nigeria to create an account called Diamond Y’hello account. Diamond Y’hello is a platform where MTN subscribers can open a diamond bank account on their mobile phones by dialing a code. By dialing the code and providing the required details to open an account and your account number will be forwarded to you.


The diamond y’hello account can be accessed by dialing *710# and then follow the prompt. If you dont have a diamond y’hello account, once you dial the code, it will ask for your biodata and ask you to create a PIN. After this, you will be sent an SMS containing your 10 digit account number.

Once you have your account number, you can found your account either by deposit or transfer funds to the account. You can then do lots of things on your account via the code. You can recharge your mobile line, make payment, transfer fund etc.


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How To Transfer Funds 

To transfer money from the account, you could transfer to a diamond account as well as to other banks. To transfer money to any bank, kindly dial *710*777*Recipient’s Account Number*Amount*PIN#. For instance, if you wish to transfer N3000 to a first bank account holder with account number 0123456789, simply dial *710*777*0123456789*3000# and you will be provided with bank list from which you will select the bank. Then confirm the transaction with your PIN and the money will be sent immediately. You will get alert instantly.

To transfer money to Diamond account, kindly dial *710*710*Account Number*Amount*PIN#. For instance, if you wish to send N2000 to a diamond account 1234567890, simply dial *710*710*1234567890*2000# and it will ask you to confirm the transaction with your PIN. Once confirmed, the money will be forwarded.


Airtime Recharge

For diamond account holders, you may simply dial *937*amount# from your registered phone number with the Bank on which you receive your transaction alert. For instance, to recharge N1000, please dial *937*1000# and it will be recharged instantly while you also get bank alert for the N1000 debit.

For diamond yhello account, to recharge your line, kindly dial *710*2*1*1#, it will then ask you to enter the amount you want to buy. You will be asked to confirm the transaction with your PIN.



Bill Payment

For bill payment and other things such as donations, insurance, collections etc, kindly dial *710*3# from which you can select the exact thing you want to do. If it doesn’t work, please dial *710# and select quick pay. From there you can select what you want.


From the above explanations, we can see the comfort that has come to making transactions from account opening to transfering of funds by passing protocols and ques. Life has become much more easy, enjoy it.



  1. How can transfer from Diamond Bank account that is registered with an Etisalat number.. urgent pls

  2. Email me pls

    1. my question is that,How can I known my date of birth that i use during opening of my account??

      1. You need to visit the closest Diamond Bank Branch to you for assistance.

  3. My question is that any time I tried to transfer they say insufficient funds

  4. How can i transfer from Diamond Bank account that is registered with an airtel number..

    1. Hi Daniel,
      The code is the same across all network.

  5. kayode olalekan

    how can i generate the PIN for mobile transfer?

  6. kayode olalekan

    what are the steps to generate the PIN? period.

  7. How can I recharge a number that is not registered?

    1. Just dial *937# and follow the instructions.

  8. Please, how can I generate the PIN for mobile transfer for Diamond account that is not Y’hello account sir.

    1. The code provided in the post is not for Y’hello account but for all transfers and recharges. Please visit the closest Diamond branch to you for further help.

  9. How can I transfer airtime from my diamond account to another mobile line mtn….

  10. I’ve been trying to get the pin for transfer from my diamond account to other bank but it’s not showing in the options in *710# nd it’s nt a yello account,urgent pls

  11. How do I get the pin for transfer that is not yello account

  12. my transfer is writing insufficient fund

    1. Please check your account balance and ensure you have up to the amount of funds in your account

  13. thanks to one on 07010450132 who linked me to a rich sugar mummy

  14. They keep asking for pin… Is it my atm pin or what… If not how to I create the required pin?

  15. I recive alerts on my AIRTEL line but I can’t transfer money, they keep on telling me your line is not registered

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