Diamond bank plc is one Nigerian bank that many do not know have come really long way, with over six subsidiaries like ADIC Life Assurance LTD, Diamond Bank (UK) Ltd, Diamond Mortgages Ltd, Diamond Bank Plc (Asset Management), Diamond Bank (Benin), and Diamond Pension Fund Custodian Ltd., Diamond bank Plc stands as one of Nigeria’s leading financial institutions founded on 20th December 1990, the bank’s services cover Nigeria, Ivory Coast, United Kingdom, Senegal and Benin Republic with headquarters in Nigeria.


With today’s busy life and the hassles that come with it, time is of an essence in every and any sphere as time in today’s world is money. Of an essence in the running of day to day life is money, and money virtually rules today’s society. The exchange of money today has become a reason for concern globally as technology has made cash transact brisk, fast and efficient globally, including Nigeria.

This article will deal primary with cash transfer from Diamond bank to other banks.


Diamond Bank Cash Transfer Services

Diamond bank customers have the levity to choose from a wide range of cash transfer services offered by the financial institution:

  • Online Money Transfer
  • Utility bill payments
  • Cell Account replenishment
  • Revenue and spending monitoring
  • Cell phone cash transact
  • Transfer cash from Diamond bank to any bank abroad
  • Intra bank cash transfer
  • Interbank cash transfer


Diamond Bank plc. allows customers the leverage to use either of its three platforms for easy and fast money transfer.


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Diamond Bank mobile banking via its dedicated app is one of its ways of providing customers with efficiency in cash transaction. The Diamond Bank Mobile Banking via its App allows customers the leverage to from any location carry out financial transactions on the bank’s platform using theirm smartphone with internet connection. The App can be downloaded on either Google Play Store for Android phone users and also from the Apple Store for iOS (iPad & iPhone) phone users. After download, activation is required and after that the app is set for cash transaction.



Diamond Bank online banking requires a strong internet connection and access is granted via the bank’s web portal https://diamondonline.diamondbank.com and login is either with (for personalization) or without (non-personalized service) a Diamond Bank Token. A password for full access login is needed and is sent to a customer’s email upon filling and submitted a physical Internet banking request form at any Diamond Bank branch. The Diamond bank online banking platform is designed to protect Diamond bank customers from fraudulent acts, as the online banking platforms runs multi-security platforms like password, OTP and Token security.



Diamond Bank has not left out the fact that there might be times when there is no access to the internet and customers will need to carry out cash transactions from maybe very remotes places. The availability of a mobile phone without internet access but with SMS capabilities can solve cash transfer issues via Diamond Bank USSD or in plain language, using a combination of symbols and numbers to transfer cash to either other Diamond Bank accounts or accounts outside Diamond bank. Below is Diamond bank’s ussd code for cash transfer to another bank *710*777*Account Number*Amount*Pin (710*777*1234567890*10000*1234#).


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  1. It seems diamond bank ussd code is not of two types cause i’m seeing different codes on different websites.

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