The United Bank for Africa is a notable bank in Nigeria with a good number of Customer scattered across the country. As the bank seeks to improve customer service experience, she launched a USSD to enhance on the go bank transaction. It also enable customers to access their fund at anytime from anywhere across the world.


The UBA bank transfer code is designed to enhance bank transactions without a need to visit the bank branch or an ATM machine. This also means total control of your bank account. It doesn’t matter how far or near your bank is or what the weather looks like, you can do just anything on your bank account right on the spot. The UBA bank transfer code is *919#. It is the code that places your bank account in your mobile phones right in your hands.


There are a number of things you can do with the UBA bank transfer code, these include;

  1. UBA bank account opening
  2. Checking of bank account balance
  3. Fund transfer to both UBA account holders and other banks account holders
  4. Airtime recharge for self and loved ones.
  5. Payment of utility bills
  6. Ability to view mini statement of bank account
  7. Ability to generate one time password (OTP)


Interestingly, to use the UBA transfer code, all you need is a functioning UBA bank account, a mobile number linked to the account on which you do get your transaction alert and a mobile phone. You don’t need more than these, not even data connection is required. You need just any phone even if it is a palasa.


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How To Open Account With UBA Transfer Code

If you are not a customer with the UBA bank and you wish to open an account with them, its pretty simple now. The code can be of help. Simply dial *919#, select option 7 from the prompt and then option 5 on the next prompt to open an account. Fill the requested info, choose a PIN and your account number will be forwarded to you instantly. No stress, no que, no forms. Its that easy.


How To Check Account Balance With UBA Transfer Code

You can get your account balance on the go via the UBA bank transfer code. All you need to do is to dial *919*00# on the mobile number you register with the bank account on which you do get your transaction alert. In seconds, you will get an SMS containing your balance.



How To Transfer Funds With UBA Transfer Code

If you want to make deposits into any bank account either a UBA bank account or other banks, you don’t have to visit the bank nor que at the bank. Simply dial the code. To transfer fund to another UBA account, please dial *919*3# and then follow the prompt to enter account number and then confirm with your PIN.

If you want to transfer fund to someone with a different bank, kindly dial *919*4#, then follow the prompt to choose the bank and input the account number. Then confirm with the PIN and the transfer is done. Ensure that you verify the inputted details before confirming the transfer with your PIN.


With these info, I am certain that you can now perform transactions on your UBA bankĀ  account with the transfer code. Happy banking!


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