We live the era of fast, secure and comfortable mobile bank transactions. This has for a while being the objective of the banks in Nigeria. This has led to several innovative steps within the Nigerian banking industry.


To this end, Gtbank, one of the most widely used bank in Nigeria has launched a mobile code to assist her customers perform transactions effortlessly. This code enables her subscribed customers to initiate and carry out transactions at the comfort of their homes, office or even on the street at anytime of the day without visiting the Bank or ATM spot. The mobile code is *737#.


Features Of The Gtbank Mobile Code

  1. It gives access to account anytime and anywhere.
  2. It works on all phone types and brands.
  3. Transactions are safe, fast and secure.
  4. Airtime recharge for self and others.
  5. Utility bill payment e.g Cable TV, PHCN etc.
  6. Fund transfer (inter and intra bank transactions)
  7. Account Opening for intending customers.
  8. BVN linking for account holders.
  9. Transactions are secured with self chosen PIN or last 4 digit of your Naira MasterCard.
  10. Daily transaction can’t be more than N200,000
  11. The code only works on the registered mobile number with the account.


Transactions Through The Code

To use the code for transactions, simply dial the code and follow the prompt to choose the option that matches your intending transactions. Then carefully follow the prompts and confirm the transaction with your PIN and it is done. You will get notification from the bank instantly.


Account Opening Processes

If you are an intending Gtbank customer, you can open an account for yourself right away without going to the bank. Simply dial *737*0#  and follow the prompts to fill in your information which include your name, date of birth etc. After you successfully fill in the details, you will get an SMS containing your account number.


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Airtime Recharge Codes

To top up your line, simply dial *737*amount#. That is, if you want to recharge N200, you dial *737*200# and it will be recharged. Note that it is to be dialled on the mobile number you register with the account.

If you wish to recharge a different mobile number, kindly dial *737*Amount*number#. That is, if you want to recharge N200 on 08023456789, dial *737*200*08023456789# and it will be recharged.


Fund Transfer To GTBank Account

To transfer money to other GTBank users, simply dial

*737*1*Amount*Account Number#. That is, if you wish to transfer N4000 to the gtb account number 1234567890, kindly dial

*737*1*4000*1234567890# on the mobile number you register with GTBank account, then follow the prompts to confirm and complete the transaction.


Fund Transfer To Other Banks

To transfer fund to other banks from your GTBank via the code, kindly dial *737*2*Amount*Account Number#. That is, if you want to transfer N5000 to an Ecobank account number 1234567890, please dial

*737*2*5000*1234567890# from your phone, then select Ecobank from the list of banks. Then confirm and complete the transaction with the last four digits of your GTBank debit card or your PIN.


With this, you can be able to enjoy the revolution taking place in the banking sector and move your banking experience to the next level. Happy banking!


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