Kiakia loan is a loan product offered by sterling bank in collaboration with the federal government. The loan is a non collateral loan offer with two amount offer of either N50,000 or N100,000. Although since two months ago, there has been a very high demand on the later amount that the former is easily obtained.


The Kiakia loan comes with a new sterling bank account when applying. The amount you borrow will be deposited into your new account once your loan is approved. It offers an easy repayment plan. This repayment plan is either weekly or monthly for six (6) months base on what’s convenient for you.


How To Apply For Kiakia Loan

Kiakia loan application has a very simple procedure. This include;

  1. Meeting an agent for the loan application. Agents are scattered in every nooks and crannies of the nation.
  2. Fill the application form. It is important that you must have done your bank verification because your bank verification number (BVN) with the mobile number you used for your BVN. Please make sure that this mobile number is in used.
  3. You will be required to pay an application fee. It is N2500.
  4. You will need to wait for few weeks for the sterling bank account to be opened. You will get a notification with account number and a four digits PIN. You will be required to forward the PIN to your agent to process your loan.
  5. When your loan is approved, you will get the credit alert. You will then have to visit any sterling bank close to you to process the ATM card.


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Interest Rate And Repayment Plan

The kiakia loan is very affordable whether you are a salary earner or a business man. When you borrow N50,000, you will be required to pay back a total of N54,000 while that of N100,000 is N108,000 in six (6) months. This means that you can choose to pay N2250 per week or N9000 per month. Its quite interesting that the total amount paid back doesn’t belong to your lender, you also have some that will be left in your account. For instance, when you borrow N100,000 to pay back N108,000, N5,000 will be left in your account. Isn’t that great?


This loan doesn’t require any form of collateral but if you fail to pay back via the sterling bank account, remember your BVN has been taken and that links to other accounts. That means they can help themselves from your other bank accounts. It’s that simple


How To Download Sterling Bank App

Apps download is a lot easier now, once you have enough data balance on your line, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Launch your app store
  2. Search for sterling bank app
  3. Click on the app to install it
  4. Launch the app and get started by registering your account on the app.
  5. Visit the bank for necessary assistance to get started.


For further enquiry, please visit the one customer bank close to you and talk to them at the customer service desk.



  1. Olumoroti J Abiodun

    All this process has been done and accounts number/PIN given since April 2017 but not credited till date. The agent has only been pacifying since. Any other solution?

  2. All the process has been ccompleted since last year with my peers in the office but nothing is happening i hope its fraud

  3. No it’s real and very simple to get it in few minutes

  4. I did it since last year june and has be approved but no alert till date

  5. Abdulahi kolawold

    what if I already have account

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