Etisalat is one of the finest mobile telecommunication network service provider in Nigeria. Etisalat has over the years being a good partner with her numerous customers to gain access to good mobile telecommunication services at quite an affordable price.

In a bid to further excellent customer experience that can be accessed at anytime anywhere, Etisalat designed a mobile application through which her numerous customers can reach her representatives, make changes on their line, subscribe and unsubscribe for services as well as to get updated on new products and services. The mobile application is my etisalat app, originally called easymobile app at the inception of its creation.



Features Of My Etisalat App

My etisalat app is designed to enable customers both prepaid and postpaid to do a number of things on their line and for their line. The features include;

  1. Airtime and data balance enquiry
  2. Purchase of data
  3. Transfer or gift data to other etisalat numbers
  4. Migration from one tariff plan to another
  5. Airtime transfer to friends and loved ones on the network.
  6. Airtime recharge for your line and other lines
  7. Mobile number visibility
  8. Current tariff plan enquiry
  9. Registration of you & me numbers
  10. Enables one to opt-in & out of services
  11. Customer service support.
  12. News update on products and services

With my etisalat app, you can do just anything on your line as far as products and services are concerned. My etisalat app has come to give you better customer service experience on etisalat network.


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My Etisalat App Download

My etisalat app is available for free to download from  both Apple App store and Android Play store. Interestingly, your data does not get charged when you use the app, this means that this mobile app is free to be used at anytime irrespective of whether you have data.



For you to enjoy this wonderful app, you need to have an active etisalat SIM as well as a smartphone. Once you have this, you can download the app at your play store and use it with the etisalat SIM on your smartphone device.


My Etisalat App Support

My etisalat app also comes with a support service by which you can reach out her representatives across various channels to resolve issues. There is an embedded live chat as well. You can discuss, enquire and request service activation or deactivation via the live chat.

For your assistance, question and instant support from the in-app live chat, facebook support, twitter support and even email support all from the app, simply launch the app and navigate to the support and then select any of the preferred support platform.


With the above information, if you are a smartphone user, you may not necessarily have to call customer care on 200, simply launch my etisalat app and get the issue resolved in seconds. The app comes with visible icons representing each of the features made available on the app.


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