The Unity Mobile is one of the innovations of Unity Bank Plc developed to bring a satisfying experience to customers on transactions. Unity mobile is a mobile banking application which offers customers access to their account as well as enable them to manage their finances in a fast, easy, secure and convenient way at anytime from anywhere with the use of your Mobile Device. Mobile devices include mobile phones, Tablets, Smartphones etc.

In this piece, we shall take a look at the Unity Mobile App, how to download, get it activated and use it for transactions.


What You Can Do With Unity mobile App

With the Unity Mobile App, you can perform transactions without visiting the bank or ATM spot. Just navigate to the app on your mobile device with internet connection. Below are the things you can do with the app;

  1. Account Balance enquiry
  2. Fund transfer to both unity bank account holders and non unity bank account holders.
  3. Airtime recharge for self and others
  4. Bill payment e.g PHCN bill, Cable TV bill etc.
  5. Merchant payment.


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How To Download And Activate Unity Mobile App

To acquire the the Unity Mobile App, kindly follow the steps below to download and activate the App.

  1. Begin by downloading the App. There are few ways to get the App dowloaded. You may download the Unity mobile Application through mobile app stores such as Google play store, Blackberry world etc. Simply search for the app and download it. You may as well send an SMS containing “D UNITY” to 20220. This is only Java phones enabled.

2.After downloading the app, the next thing will be to launch the app. After launching the app, next will be to register the account number and other required details. Upon successful registration, you will get a confirmation message informing you of the successful registration.

3.You will need to visit any of the Unity Bank branches to complete the data capturing and to activate your PIN. When you get there, you will be required to fill the PIN activation form at the customer service desk which will be used to activate the PIN.


Benefits Of Using Unity Mobile App

There are a number of merits attached to using the Unity mobile app. These benefits are listed below;

  1. It enhance transactions without being physically present at the bank or ATM spot.
  2. Transactions initiated via the app are fast, secure and convenient.
  3. Customers gain both access and control over their funds in the bank anytime any day via the app.
  4. Fund can be transferred to all bank account irrespective of the bank of the recipient.
  5. Transactions can be done at anytime of the day
  6. You can recharge your mobile lines and others directly from your bank account.
  7. You can view your transactions over a period of time.
  8. With Unity mobile app, you can pay your bills directly from your bank account.



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