In the recent times, data services has been the competitive edge for the telecommunication companies in Nigeria. Today, at least 7 people out 10 mobile phone users will make use of data whether as heavy browser or light internet browser. This has made data service demands to rise and every network seeks to grap and satisfies their subscribers.

Glo has already pass the internet access credibility among students and lots of students are already making her their partner in data subscription choice. So, glo can seek to grab more students on her sides.

In line with this, Glo targets the students and everyone living and working on campus across the nation with Glo campus data booster initiative. This is a brilliant idea, I must confess.


The Benefits Of This Plan

Glo campus data booster is the very first of its kind which offers up to 10 times of the value of some data plan subscriptions while the subscriber is on campus without additional cost or charges. This means when a subscriber makes a N100 data plan subscription, the subscriber then gets N1000 worth of data instead of N100 worth just because the subscriber is on campus. That’s not all, he/she also get free airtime to call other Glo subscribers. Isn’t this great?

The Glo campus data booster is available nationwide on every campus including Customs, Police as well as Immigration training institutes. You may view the list of campuses on the Glo official website. The data plan would work like a normal data plan when the subscriber is outside the Campus Booster Zone and upon entering campus booster zone, Customer will be notified through text message upon entry into the campus.

The validity for the bonus data varies depending on the subscription done. For the bonus voice calls, you will be charged 50k/s and it can only be used to call Glo subscribers.


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Glo Data Booster Subscription Code

To purchase any of the available data plans on Glo campus data booster, simply dial *777# and then select a Campus data booster Plan of your choice. Please ensure you have sufficient balance on your line before dialing the code.



After subscription, you can check both data and voice call bonuses by dialing *777# and then follow the prompt to check balance or simply dial *127*0# and #122*10# for Data plan and campus booster voice bonus respectively.


Data Usage Monitor

If you wish to monitor your data plan usage, you may be checking your data balance time to time or visit


The Glo campus data plan can be gifted to other glo subscribers. Also, anytime you are not in the campus data covered area, your subscription will work like a normal subscription.

With Glo campus data plan, every students, academic and non academic staff can enjoy a double data offer across the entire nation. I believe strongly that this will enhance research on the part of both students and lecturers. Its really a good deal!


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