Globacom is a telecommunication service provider in Nigeria. At the moment it is the only indigenous mobile network operator in Nigeria. Glo offers both data and call services since her inception in Nigeria. Glo has offered several tariff plans as well drivers data plans for numerous customers. History reveals that Glo was the first to introduce per second billing option. This shows Glo’s committement to offering inexpensive services.

In this piece, we shall take a look at one of those Glo has been offering inexpensive services in both call and data service. Specifically, we are looking at the service called Glo campus data booster. We shall look into the price, features and bonuses and any other related detail of importance.

Glo Campus Data booster is a service on Glo network which offers up to 10 times of the data worth a customer subscribed for on a data subscription. This service is only accessible while on campus and subscribers get up to 10 times of the data worth without any additional cost or charges. For instance, a customer who does N100 data plan gets N1000 worth of data while on campus including a free talktime. There is no better way to reward students and those who live or work in Academic environment. Kudos to Glo!

This service is accessible on Nigerian campuses throughout the nation. These campuses include Immigration, Customs and Police training institutes. The Glo Campus Data Booster is currently available in 334 institutions in Nigeria.


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You can check out for the list of the campuses by

  1. Log on to
  2. Navigate and click on personal
  3. Navigate and click on Glo campus data booster
  4. Navigate and click on Glo campus data booster FAG

Once you get to the FAG, in one of the questions, you will see the list of 334 campuses on which you can enjoy the service.


How To Subscribe

In order to subscribe to any of the Glo campus data booster service, kindly dial *777# and choose from the available plans on Glo Campus Data Booster. It ranges from N100 subscription plan to N5000 subscription plan.


How To Check Balance

To view your balance, please dial these USSD *127*0# and #122*10#, for Data plan balance and campus booster voice bonus respectively.


Important Things To Note

It is important and pertinent to note that these Data Plans are not auto renewable. If you subscribe and it is exhausted or expired, it will not automatically resubscribe even if you have sufficient balance on your line. Also, on these Glo campus data booster plans, data cannot be carried over. The data carry over feature is not available on these Plans.

If you have any challenge or difficulty subscribing to the plan, kindly contact customer care on 121 for free on a Glo line. Or you may send an email to or simply walk into any Glo world close you.


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