The MTN comedy plus  is a service that enables subscribed MTN customers to have access to and watch funny comedy videos and skits on their phones and on the go.

The MTN comedy plus service is a video on-demand platform that provides subscribed customers with comedy videos by streaming or download. The MTN Comedy plus may be accessed via Wap, App as well as through the website ( it is a collection of comedy videos from various comedians grouped into different categories which include Pranks, Animations, Freefall, Standup, Episodes (extract from movies and TV shows), Skits as well as Live shows amongst others.


How Comedy Plus Works

The MTN comedy plus service is a subscription based service which could be a 3-day plan,  weekly or monthly subscription. The MTN comedy plus service can be as low as N40 with a 30-day FREE trial. There is no auto renewal after trial. Although, MTN Comedy plus assessuble on web and App but for best experience, its better enjoyed through the App, you may download the App from google playstore or simply send an SMS containing  COMEDY to 2100. You will get a response with download link.


MTN Comedy Plus Subscription

To subscribe for this service, all you need to do is to send the keyword associated with the comedy plus plan you wish to subscribe for to 2100.

There are two broad categories of subscription which are the access only and the access with data. Each of these two broad categories have 3-days, weekly and monthly plan. Therefore, you simply pick the keyword of your choice and then send it to 2100. Below are the keywords for the plans in each categories.


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Access Only

3 Days VIP package keyword “CD”

Weekly VIP package keyword “CW”

Monthly VIP package keyword “CM”

Subscription with Data

3 Days VIP package keyword “CDD”

Weekly VIP package keyword “CWD”

Monthly VIP package keyword “CMD”


After the system receives your request for subscription to the MTN Comedy plus, you will be charged the package fee you want to subscribed to and the Comedy portal link would be sent to you as a text message  through which you’d gain access to the Comedy plus portal.

Please note that the comedy data allocation can only be used for Comedy plus activities such as portal browsing, comedy video streaming and Comedy downloads. To check your Comedy Data balance, kindly dial *559#


The MTN Comedy Plus App

MTN Customers who wish to download the MTN comedy plus app may do so by visiting http:// and clicking the download column at the bottom of the page. One may also send an SMS containing “Comedy” to 2100. You will get an SMS containing a download link, simply follow it to download the app. You can as well search for MTNComedy plus app on Google Play Store and App Store and download it there.


How To Stop MTN Comedy Plus Service

If at any point after subscribing to the MTN comedy plus, you feel like unsubscribing from the service for reason or the other, simply send STOP with code of your membership plan in an SMS to 2100. For instance, if you are subscribed to the monthly access only plan. To unsubscribe, simply send an SMS containing “STOP” CM’ to 2100 to stop Monthly plan.


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