The indigenous telecommunications company, Globacom is at it again as they take the lead in making data accessible and affordable for their numerous customers via their recent data product called Glo data unmatched. With Glo data unmatched, Glo is set to give her customers an unfair advantage compared to other data service providers in the country. Glo data has always being very cheap and has now become even more cheaper with Glo data unmatched.


Glo data unmatched offers very cheap data subscription specifically for internet connection continuity. That is, when you are running out of data and you still need to be online or download, you simply take advantage of the Glo data unmatched service to top up your data. This time it comes at a very cheap rate. Imagine topping up your data with just N500 for 2GB worth of data.


Apart from the cheap data rate, you also get other values such as watching movies on Iflix via the Glo café app for free and  streaming videos on YouTube for free. Now tell me, isn’t that great an offer? After giving so much value for my money in terms of data, I still get nice to use YouTube and the Glo café app for free.


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How Does This Work?

Its very simple, all you need to do is to subscribe for the Glo data unmatched for the data quantity that suit you and depending on your initial data subscription. Once its just few days to end the subscription, top up your data and you will get the fantastic data offer and other explained values.


You are expected to resubscribe within the three days of expiration. With this you will get the full data bonus but if you resubscribe after three days of expiration, you will only get half data bonus. Note that you are limited in the data you can resubscribe depending on your initial data subscription. For instance, you did a daily plan, you cannot top up with a monthly data plan.



Subscription Procedure

To take advantage of these Glo data unmatched, simply dial *777# and follow the prompt to choose the Glo data unmatched option and then select your preferred data subscription. Kindly ensure that you have sufficient airtime balance on your line before dialing the code to subscribe. You may as well subscribe to the Glo data unmatched via the online platform on



Other Information To Note

Please note that the subscribed Glo data unmatched still carries its other features such as data gifting and data sharing. That is, you can still gift or share the data to friends and family members. Any other features of the plan initially subscribed remains active.


For further enquiry, you may call customer service on 121 with an active Glo line or simply walk into any Gloworld close to you to make enquiry. You may also forward an enquiry email to


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