The MTN 4G LTE is the latest browsing innovation speed offered by MTN to her subscribers for surfing internet and download over the internet.

LTE means Long Term Evolution and it stands for the 4th generation of telecommunications technology which offers a very high data speeds. Accessing the internet with LTE means you can enjoy HD video streaming without buffing, video calls, superfast downloads, online gaming and so much more.

Thd LTE is also known as 4G, since it’s the 4th generation of telecommunications technology after 3G. LTE offers faster download and upload speeds that will considerably improve your internet experience. With LTE you can stream music and video, upload and download faster. You can essentially use your mobile or tablet like a fixed line Internet connection. Interestingly, with 4GLTE, you don’t need a special data plan, simply use your current data plan and you will be charged according to your current plan rates. The 4G internet service is not available at every nooks and crannies of the nation yet. To see coverage areas, please log on to


It is pertinent to note that for you to enjoy this 4G, you need a compatible device and a USIM. This means not all phones are 4G compatible and you will also need to upgrade your SIM. To know if your SIM is a USIM and if your device is 4G compatible, kindly send an SMS containing “4G” and then send it to 131 from your mobile device. You will then receive an SMS informing you if your SIM or device is 4G/LTE ready. Please note that any the device that supports Band 7 (2600MHz) is 4G compatible. You may simply verify this information on the internet or read through the manual.


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How To Upgrade And Experience MTN 4G

To upgrade to the 4G and have a new browsing experience is simple, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Check your SIM to find out if its compatible by sending 4G to 131. You will get a response that will tell you if your SIM is compatible. If not, kindly walk into any MTN walk in centres for assistance.
  2. Check if your device is 4G compatible. You may verify this via the manufacturer manual or simply check over the internet. Any device that supports Band 7 (2600MHz) is 4G compatible.
  3. Confirm if your location is 4G convered. Log on to to confirm that.
  4. Ensure you have the normal MTN internet settings on your phone.
  5. Ensure you have data balance on your line.
  6. Turn on your 4G network on your device under network settings.
  7. Enjoy the super fast internet access and download.

Please note that the 4G internet signal will come up on your phone once it is connected. If you have done all of these and you are still unable to connect, it’s time to reach out to the customer service. You can do that over the phone by calling 180 or you may simply visit any MTN office close to you.



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    1. Kindly visit any experience centre close to you.

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