The Guaranty Trust Bank Mobile Application is called GTMobile and it is a two-in-one app consisting of Mobile Banking and Mobile Money. This app can be downloaded from the app store of any device i.e (BlackBerry App World on BlackBerry, Google Play store on Android devices, App store on iOS devices or Nokia OVI on Nokia devices. The app is designed to be compatible with different devices and smart phones. It can also be downloaded from the official website of GT Bank at


Unique Features Of GTBank Mobile App

  1. Provides a secured avenue for 3-way login functionality to ensure ease of transactions (Facial recognition, fingerprints or 4-digits PIN)
  2. Purchase aitime for self and others, purchase data for self or third party.
  3. Send money to third party using their mobile number
  4. Provides an avenue to apply for loans and automatic savings target through your mobile phone number.
  5. Transfer of statements of Accounts.
  6. Check your BVN number using only your mobile phone number
  7. Request for cheques and Debit cards.


Benefits Of The GTMobile App

  1. Convenient Bill payments (PHCN/DSTV/LAWMA)
  2. Perform Inter and Intra bank transfer of funds.
  3. Check Mini statement and account summary
  4. Perform various Forex transactions
  5. Top-up airtime for self or third party.
  6. Report, block or track stolen ATM cards
  7. Locate nearest GTBank branches or ATMs
  8. You can stop or confirm cheques
  9. Get salary advance from your phone.
  10. Book and purchase local or international flight tickets.


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How To Download, Install And Activate GTMobile From The Website

  1. Visit the website at
  2. Download and install the GTbank Mobile app
  3. Click the “Signup” button and fill in the required information correctly (Name, Date of birth, Phone.No, email etc)
  4. Answer all the questions correctly (Information used in answering the questions will be used to verify ownershjp in case you lose your PIN)
  5. After completing and submitting, you will receive a text message containing your 6-digit Activation Token on your phone.
  6. Click on “Activate”
  7. Enter the 6-digits Activation Token
  8. Choose a four digits PIN of your choice which you can easily remember. Confirm the PIN by re-entering it
  9. You will then receive a Welcome Text from GTBank and your Mobile money app is ready.



How To Download And Activate GTMobile On iOS Devices

  1. Navigate to the App store and search for the keywords “GTBank Mobile App” then click on “GET”.
  2. Open the app and select country “Nigeria”
  3. Enter your login email and password then check your email account.
  4. Enter your login details from the app then click “Signin” on the homepage.
  5. Now you are ready to get started.



How To Download And Activate  GTMobile On Android Devices

  1. Navigate to Google Play store or Icon on your phone.
  2. Search for the keywords ” GTBank Mobile App” then click on “GET”
  3. Open the app and Select preferred country “Nigeria”
  4. Enter your login email and password then check your email account
  5. Enter your login details from the app then click “SignIn” on the homepage.


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