Quickteller is an online payment platform which is under Interswitch which was founded in 2002 by Mitchell Elegbe. Interswitch provides the technology for ATM cards and uses a switching infrastructure to connect to different banks in Nigeria. At present, interswitch owns about 11,000 ATMs in its vast network located all around the world. The headquarters is in Lagos, Nigeria.


How To Create A Quickteller Account

  1. Visit the website at www.quickteller.com
  2. Fill in the correct information in the fields provided including a valid email address and password
  3. Click on the “Sign up” button


How To Transfer Funds With Your Quickteller Account

  1. Login with your Quickteller no then type in the email and password used during registration.
  2. Click on ‘Funds transfer’ at the right hand side once the portal opens
  3. Click on “Transfer to account” and fill the form that comes up(Recipient’s name, bank name,account no, account type and your own name)
  4. Fill the form correctly then click on “Continue”. Input your card details such as card no, authorized signature (CVV), valid date and one time password(OTP) code
  5. Click on the “PAY” button


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How To Pay Bills With Your Quickteller Account

  1. Login with your Quickteller no, email and password
  2. Select “Pay bills” and indicate the bill payment option
  3. Type in your account no, email address, mobile no and amount
  4. Finally click on the “Pay” button
  5. You will receive a message saying “transaction successful “



How To Activate Your ATM Card For Quickteller Transactions

  1. Kindly head to any nearby ATM, insert your card, input your pin and press the “Enter” button
  2. Select your account type (Savings/Current)
  3. Select the “Quickteller’/option from the ATM screen
  4. Select ” Pay bills ” from the Quickteller menu lisy displayed
  5. Select “Others” for the bill payment option then enter 322222 as the biller code
  6. Enter your phone no as the customers reference no and select “proceed”
  7. Click on “Pay amount due”. Note that a surcharge of #100 may be deducted for every successful ATM card registration or activation
  8. You will get a confirmation page indicating that the registration was successful.



How To Generate Safe token Service With Your ATM Card

  1. Open the app on your mobile after downloading and installing it.
  2. Click on ” Generate safe token “
  3. Select the card you want to link out of the list of registered ATM cards displayed.
  4. Click and write down the OTP that will be displayed
  5. Enter the OTP on the webPAY platform to complete your payment



How To Generate Safetoken Via USSD

  1. Dial *322*0# using the no you registered with on the Quickteller website
  2. Select the bank you wish an OTP to be generated for from the list of various cards form different banks by typing the number of the bank (1, 2, 3) etc
  3. OTP is generated.



Benefits Of Quickteller Payment App

  1. Bill payments
  2. Funds transfer
  3. Airtime and recharge


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