Quickteller is a platform that allows you to make payment from your account via a registered debit card that is linked to your account on the platform. Quickteller is accessible online via its website or at the ATM or through its app. Each of the accessible platforms provide the same services.


How To Download Qiickteller Mobile App

This is simply the application of quickteller that is accessible on mobile devices. It is downloadable for free, simply log on get.quickteller.com or you may visit your phone play store to download it for free. Its available on Google play store, Blackberry world, Apple store, Nokia store, Windows store etc. Once you download and install, the next thing will be to set it up for use. If you are unable to log on to the website, you may simply locate it through the your phone app.


How To Setup And Activate Your Quickteller Mobile

When you launch your app after installation, you see register and sign. Sign in option is for people who have registered before while register is for newbies. If you’re new, click on register after which a form will appear for you to fill. Its just a 6 question form and after a successful completion of the form and you submit. You will be asked to verify your registration via a link that will be sent to your email. After verification, the next thing will be to register your debit card on it. You do that by entering the ATM card number with the CCV numbers at the back of the ATM card followed with your PIN. You can add multiple cards on your quickteller. Once you launch it and you select cards, you will see the list of cards you have in your profile.

Each time you want to make a transaction, it will always ask you for CCV2 which is the last 3 digits of the numbers at the back of the ATM card. It will ask you for PIN of the ATM card.


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Use Of Quickteller Mobile App

Quickteller is use to make transactions such as airtime recharge for all networks even for other mobile numbers at no cost. It means you will only be charged for the amount you recharged. Most times, you might even get bonus for using quickteller to recharge. Quickteller is also use to make payment for utility bills such as DSTV, Swift, ipNX, Aero, Startimes etc. Also, it is use to transfer money to bank accounts and that comes with a service charge of N100 per transaction. With quickteller, you can fund your mobile money wallet, check your mobile banking account balance. Its also use for the generation of a SafeToken to secure online transactions on WebPAY.


Quickteller has saved a whole lot of time. I remember how quickteller has helped me by which i just make payment on my phone instead of transportation fee of long distance. I simply make use of the quickteller which cost N100 only. That did not only save me time but money as well as the stress of going to banks to que for hours.

So quickteller is life made easy as far as transactions are concerned. Happy banking!


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