The Bank Verification Number is short formed as BVN. It is a biometric identification system done at Banks. It was introduced into the Nigerian banking system by the Central Bank of Nigeria in order to reduce or curb illegal banking transactions in Nigeria. Interestingly, its a modern day security measure that is in line with the Central Bank of Nigeria Act 1958 to curb fraudulent transactions in the Nigerian banking system. Essentially, the system takes your fingerprints with your facial photograph and it is then linked to your bank account.


How To Check And Update Your BVN Information

There are a number of ways to check your BVN just in case you forgot the number. Below are ways to check and update your BVN;


  1. On Mobile Phone With Your Number

If your registered mobile number with your account and BVN is an MTN number, then you are safe. Simply dial *565*0# to view your BVN. It cost N10 per view. The code works on all phone types and brands. The code originally works for MTN numbers but lately it is also said to be working for Etisalat, Glo and Airtel numbers.


  1. Walk Into The Banking Hall

To check your BVN, you may as well walk into the bank, head straight to the customer service desk and request for your BVN. You will only be required to provide your account number and probably answer few questions on the registered details on your account.


  1. Your BVN Card

This is the easiest way to check your BVN. Just pick your BVN card, you will find 11 digit number just above your name, that’s your Bank verification number.


  1. Online

You can view your BVN online via internet banking. This option may not be available by all banks but it is available on Gtbank internet banking. Simply login to your account online and navigate to check your Bank verification number.


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Linking BVN With Multiple Bank Account

You are required to have just one bank verification number even if you have multiple Bank accounts. With multiple bank accounts, you are required to link your BVN with the bank accounts to make them functional. Below are few ways to achieve that;


  1. Walk Into The Bank

Simply walk into the Banking hall, make your way to the customer service desk and make your intention known. You will be given a customer account update form to fill and it will done in minutes.


  1. Bank USSD

Almost all Banks if not all have mobile code for transaction. You can update your BVN via the code. Simply get the code of the bank you want to link, dial it on the registered phone number with the account you want to link and follow through the prompts to update the BVN. However this may not be available for all Banks.


  1. Email

There are few Banks who allow BVN linking via email. That is, you simply send an email containing Account name, BVN, Account number and the bank where you registered to a particular email address. FCMB, Skye Bank, Zenith Bank and Fidelity Bank are examples of such Banks.


  1. Online

Some Banks like Gtbank, UBA, Zenith and First Bank provide an online access by which customers can link their accounts with their Bank verification number registered at other Banks.


  1. SMS Linking

At the moment, the only Bank that allow BVN linking via SMS is Access Bank. Simply navigate to the SMS menu of your phone and create a message containing your account number and BVN number and then send it to 20121. It will be updated.




  1. Igbinedion frances

    How do i link my bvn number to my new number(because i lost my old line)

    1. You need to go to your bank and update your details so you can have your new number linked with your BVN.

  2. Can i update my bvn from any bank thats not the bank i registered with?

    1. The update can only be done where you registered.


  4. Does it mean that my BVN name is changed once I changed the name on my Diamond Bank Account where I registered BVN?

    1. No it does not change automatically. If you have changed registered name on your account, then you will have to update same on your BVN as well.

  5. i am not geting my bvn number any time i dial *565*0# it keep telling me your line is link with multiple bvn what should i do

  6. My dad opened an account for me with him phone number do we have same BVN or separate how can I check mine?

    1. If he has opened in your own and details, then you should have your own separate BVN.

  7. Am not getting my BVN number any time i dial *565*0#, they keep telling me that your line is linked with multi-BVN number, please what should i do?

  8. Ebenezer Onikanni

    I have been parading first bank to correct my date of birth but they have been telling me they are having network issue on bvn platform which I have been deprived to transact for two weeks now. What should I do now?

  9. Pls is it possible for my mum to use her number for her bvn while I have used it for my own bvn transactions and NIn registration

  10. How can I know the number of account numbers that is linked to my bvm

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