Iroko TV is an online platform that offers Nigerians and Ghanaians films on demand to its subscribers by providing mainstream online streaming services and giving instant access to over 6,000 movies, the website was launched in December 2011, and targeted at providing unlimited access of movies to the Nigerian household.

With the current rating of Nollywood movies, as the third highest movie industry in the world, this brand Irokotv portraits and represent the Nigerian movie industry to Africa and the world at large.

The platform initially started out on YouTube channel before expanding to a World Wide Web service, this mobile service offer access to unlimited to Nigerian and Ghanaian movies, it is actually become a recognised mobile brand service for lovers of Nollywood and Ghallywood movies. This service also offers a distinct feature which includes:

  • Movie search engine: for searching watching a favourite or particular movie
  • Popular TV series: it also showcase popular and recent TV series including TV Drama and family series
  • Download option: it offers its subscribers the chance of downloading favourite movies and series
  • User profile: it has a personal information profile page for its subscribers which also include personal settings for your pleasure.

In addition you can get their update on latest movies on their facebook page at IROKOtv or visit their page website on


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The mobile application is available for download on Google playstore for Android phones and Windows phone users can download it from Windows Microsoft store, simply follow the following steps to download:

  • Visit playstore, search for Irokotv and click download
  • After successful download and instalment
  • Launch the app on your phone
  • After launching the app click on the menu, you will be requested to signify if you are a new or existing member
  • Click on new member
  • Then verify your phone number
  • At this point the movie app will begin to search your location to pinpoint where you are accessing the service from.
  • Then confirm your country code
  • Click continue after verifying your phone number


After this action an access code will be sent to your phone via SMS

  • Enter the code on the provided field on the app
  • Click on Enter
  • And your registration is complete

At this point you will be granted access to your app content, upon access to the app, you will be able to access the main features this service provides which includes TV series, latest release, movie collection and download.

You can view this main option just by clicking on the next button on lower right angle of the page.

If you are a lover of Nigerian and Ghanaian movies, Irokotv app is a mobile service that will give you the pleasure and comfort of watching your favourite movies and actors on the go, and undoubtedly offers you unlimited entertainment.


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