Dstv (Digital Satellite Television) is a Satellite Tv service launched in 1995 by multi choice; a company based in South Africa, its subsidiary Multichoice Nigeria service is inarguably the leading video entertainment provider in Africa, with an estimated 8 million subscribers across Africa.  it is notably known  for its quality entertainment service which comes in various decoders, its services decoders are available in different types and features depending on the subscribers choice and preference. Its service decoders are listed as :

  • Dstv Explora 2
  • Dstv Explora
  • HD PVR (2 Turner)
  • HD PVR (4 Turner)
  • Single view SD
  • SD PVR
  • Single view HD

The commonly used Decoders in Nigeria are the Dstv Explora and single view HD.



Dstv SD And HD PVR Decoders

It is important to note that Dstv offers its video content in either High Definition (HD) or Standard Definition (SD), with the HD PVR decoders, subscribers can record up to 150hrs of Standard definition Tv content or 50hrs of High Definition contents, it gives you the possibility to Pause and Play while watching a programme on its decoder. And also provides an Instant play feature which provides a 20 seconds replay of any programme you are currently watching.


Dstv Explora is certainly the best and most advanced decoders from multichoice, this decoder offers its content in High Definition, it performs the recording feature; which simply means you can record your favourite for later, it can record up to 220 hours of content. Another interesting feature of this service is that it offers access to the internet; access which can therefore be used to stream or download content online. On this same decoder viewer have the opportunity to catch-up on previous or missed programme, giving the product service a high mark in satellite service.

Dstv channel provides various content depending on the subscribers choice and watch list, here are some of its popular Tv channels

  • CNN
  • Supersport
  • Supersport Blitz
  • Africa Magic
  • Telemondo
  • ESPN
  • MNet Action
  • Nat Geo
  • Cartoon network and many more

Its channel service is listed under five different packages which are:

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Dstv Access Package: the package offers over 45 Tv channels, which consist of local and international channels.


Dstv Family Package: this particular package offers a family friendly service to its subscribers; it has a 55 Tv channel which includes cartoon network for kids and other interesting channels. It also offers Audio service of radio station including Ray power, Star FM and others.


Dstv compact plus: Compact plus offers subscribers additional Tv channels which includes Supersport 7 and Supersport 10


Dstv Premium Package: is the highest package and offers the full package; it gives you access to all Dstv channels either in SD or HD, including all Audio channels.



How To Download Dstv Now App

The app is available for download on Google playstore for Android phones, simply follow the following steps below to download and activate the service.

  • Visit Google playstore on your phone
  • Search for Dstv now and click install
  • After successful download and instalment
  • Launch the app by clicking it on the menu list or home page on your screen

That’s all you’ve got the power of Dstv now.


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