The Nigerian movie industry has gone through the thick and thin to arrive at this point. Today, it is a multi billion naira market with lots of actors and actresses making huge money in it. Back then, you will have to either buy or rent video cassette to watch a movie, but today its over all the internet for downloads and you can even share with people via mobile devices.


As the movie industry enlarges, so also the ease of getting the movies advances. Now, there are several websites where you can download paid for movies for free both new and old movies. These websites include naijawapaz, arabaraTV, IrokoTV etc. You can even watch online on some websites. And as mobile applications has become the order of the day, there are several mobile apps that give you access to Nigerian movies either free or with little charges. All you need is an internet enabled device with internet connection. Below is a list of four mobile apps for Nigerian movie download:


List Of Nigerian Movie Apps

  1. IrokoTV App

IrokoTV is a platform for downloading Nigerian movies. This platform is widely known by all sundry in Nigeria as far as Nollywood movies are concerned. Today, the platform has also added a mobile app to make downloads easier and more fun. It originally began as a web platform offering both free and paid-for Nigerian films on-demand. Today, it is also a major distributor of African Movies and TV series.


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  1. Afrinolly App

Afrinolly app is a mobile app which offers various mobile platforms for movie download. On Afrinolly app, you can both watch Nollywood movies as well as download. There are other options present such as African movies, trailers and short films. The Afrinolly app works with android, iOS, windows and blackberry devices.


  1. IbakaTV App

IbakaTV app was modelled out  of  IbakaTV platform which is one of the commonest platform for movie download.  It is one of the pioneers as well as one of the people’s favourites. It also contains  Ghanaian movies, other African movies and TV series. The mobile app is accessible for easier movie download.


  1. Premium Nigerian Movies App

This is another great app that gives access to download premium Nigerian movies. With this app, you have access to several Nigerian movies in a glance. With these app, you can download Yoruba, Igbo and other Nigerian movies.


How To Download The Nigerian Movie App

To download the apps, there are two options by which you are likely to download these apps. One option is to download via their respective platforms. The other option is to search for the app on Google play store and install from there. You can then begin to enjoy the movie download.



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