Dstv is a television subscription service enjoyed by all those who purchase and uses its decoder. The service offers lots of channels across the globe and has a number of packages to choose from. The packages depends on the number of channels you wish to be available for your view. The duration will also determine how much you will be billed.


The packages generally comes in a monthly payment cycle but you can pay for as much as you wish. For instance, you may decide to pay for a month, two months or more even for a year. You can as well change to different packages based on your interest. Irrespective of the packages you choose or love, we are here to talk about the payment for the Dstv services.


There are several payment options available for users. This is in line with best practices and a way to make payment easier for customers. Payment could be done via Dstv agents, bank USSD codes, online via Dstv website, direct deposit, ATM spots etc. In this piece, we particularly interested in the ATM machine payment method. Kindly read through carefully if this looks like your interest.


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First you need to be aware of the amount you will be charged for the Dstv bouquet you are paying for and ensure you have sufficient balance in your bank account. You also need to know or have your Dstv smart card number with you. After having these things, you may now get set to make payment at the ATM machine.



How To Make Dstv Subscription On ATM Machine Step By Step Procedure

Here are the step by step guide to make Dstv payment via the ATM machine;

  1. Visit any functioning ATM machine close by.
  2. Insert your ATM card into the machine
  3. Input your four (4) digit PIN as the machine prompts and press the OK button to proceed
  4. On the next page, press the button indicating the Quickteller option
  5. On the next prompt, look out for pay bills option and select it
  6. From the options provided on the next page, select the Dstv option
  7. On the next page, you will be provided with the different Dstv bouquet options with their respective price. Kindly press the button indicating your choice to pick it.
  8. Next is for you to input your Dstv smart card number. It might be best to take your smart card along to avoid issues.
  9. The next page contains all the details, kindly verify them and if all is correct you may press the OK button to continue and the payment will be made immediately.

You will get your transaction alert and your Dstv will be up immediately. In cases where it is not up immediately, you may need to forward an SMS to 30333. The SMS will contain RA and the smart card number of the Dstv decoder you paid for. This will enhance an instant turning on of the Dstv service. Happy viewing!


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