Making payments to people has been a lot easier since the advent of automated machine  (ATM). I mean you don’t have to visit bank and wait for hours on que just because you want to withdrawal or make deposits. Many times you wait for more than an hour on que for a transaction that will take you just five (5) minutes or less.


The ATM machine has helped us in many ways. There are several transaction types done in few minutes at the ATM spots now which has replaced the time wasting ques at the bank. Transactions include money transfer to bank accounts, airtime recharge (self and others), bill payment, merchant payment etc.


In this piece specifically, we shall take a look at the step by step guide to transfer money from your account to others. Please take your time to read through. First thing first, get the account details you wish to send to ready and ensure you have sufficient money in your account before setting out. Here are the steps if the two conditions have been met;


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How To Transfer Fund On ATM Machine To Another Account Using Your ATM Card 

  1. Locate a working ATM machine
  2. Insert your ATM card
  3. Wait for it to display a place to input your PIN. Some may welcome you and tell you to input your PIN.
  4. Next is to press the proceed button
  5. From the options, look out for Quickteller option
  6. Next is to press the transfer button
  7. Look out for inter bank Transfers option
  8. Next is to select the type of your account whether savings or current account
  9. Do the same for the account of the recipient, that is select the type account for the recipient bank account.
  10. Next is to select the bank of the recipient. Note that if its not on the first page, press next button to see it on the second page.
  11. Then input the amount you wish to transfer and press the proceed button.
  12. You will be informed of the N100 transaction fee, press OK if you agree.
  13. Then you need to confirm the details of bank you are transferring to and amount, if its in order press proceed. With this, the transaction will be carried out instantly and you will get your debit alert.
  14. The ATM machine will ask you if want to perform any other transaction, click on no if not and it will release your card. It will also thank you for banking with the bank if its the talking type.


With the above listed step, you can transfer money to anyone irrespective of your distance. Unlike the cash withdrawal that can only be done thrice per month for free, money transfer will be charged N100 each time you transfer. If at any point in time you are confused, simply reach out to the security man at the ATM stand or ask people around to help you.


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