For all the users of GoTv and DSTV, you don’t necessarily have to visit the GoTv/DSTV office to make payment for your subscription. Life is so much easy now and its getting better daily. You can make the payment at the ATM stand, in your home or office at your own comfort. Payments are getting easier every now and then, so is this one as well.

There are several options for making this payment, but the ones we want to discuss in this piece is how to renew or pay for GoTV with your ATM and bank short codes. We shall examine the payment processes available via these two options. What you need is your PC or Smartphone, internet connection, your Decoder Number (ICU) and your ATM Card for these two payment options. It not that you need all of these for all payment options in the two selected options, they are all you can ever need.

For these two options, you can either make payment online or offline. When its online, you need PC or mobile phone, internet connection and ATM card. When its offline payment, you may just need either ATM card, ATM machine or just your bank short code.



Payment Online With ATM Card

To make payment online for your GoTv subscription, you can pay via the Quickteller website. Below are the required steps;

  1. Turn on your GoTv decoder even if the subscription is long exhausted.
  2. Then log on to .
  3. When the website opens, click on the “Select an Option”, and choose your appropriate option.
  4. Input your email address, mobile phone number as well as your decoder number (ICU), which is on the red background at back of your decoder.
  5. Next, click on the “Continue” button and it will take you to the secure billing or payment page where you will be able pay with your ATM Card. (i.e. Verve Card, VISA or Master Card).
  6. Input the details of your ATM card and click on “Pay Now” button, input your PIN Number to confirm the payment.


It will normally take about 2-5 minutes for the payment to reflect. Please note that you will be charged N100 convenience fee.


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For GOTV/DSTV Offline Payment

You can pay with your ATM card at the ATM stand. This is will be done through Quickteller at the ATM machine. Its quite easy and will only take 3-7 minutes of your time. Below are the steps;

  1. Visit any ATM stand
  2. Input your ATM card and enter your PIN.
  3. Select Quickteller
  4. Select Bill payment
  5. It will bring the options, look for GoTv and select it.
  6. Enter the required details such as your IUC number
  7. Amount to be paid
  8. Click on pay and its done.



Payment Via Bank Short Code

To pay for your GoTv subscription via bank short code is very simple. Simply dial the bank short code on the phone number you register with your account on which you do receive your transaction alert. Once you dial the USSD code, select bill payment option and then look out for GoTv. You will be required to enter your IUC number and amount to be paid which you will then confirm with your PIN. You will instantly be debited and a debit account will be sent to you. Some of the bank short code are First Bank *894#, Gtb *737#, Ecobank *326#, Fidelity Bank *770#, Wema Bank *945#, Skye Bank *833#, Diamond Bank *710# etc. For direct code on Stanbic IBTC Bank, dial *909*60#.


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