In Nigeria and other parts of the world, they are certain items that are not allowed on the commercial airliner. These items are tagged ‘Prohibited’ and if you are caught carrying any one of them, you would be punished accordingly.

Before acquiring your flight ticket with any passenger airbus, whether it is a local or domestic flights within the country, or an international flight, you are expected to know which items are prohibited on board and which ones are allowed. This items are not allowed in your luggage(s) and they are not allowed to be in your possession so don’t think you can slip it into your pocket and it won’t consume any much space. If you are caught you would be punished. And I assure you that you would be caught if you disobey the rules.

These prohibited items according to the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) can either cause delay in boarding your flight, deny you or even get you arrested.



List Of Prohibited Items On Local And International Flight In Nigeria

  1. Guns & Firearms

These are the number one highly prohibited objects in an aircraft, and an airport at large. This is because there are dangerous weapons that could kill a man when shot. They can even be used to harm oneself.

All guns are not allowed but below is a brief list of prohibited firearms and its accessories;

BB guns, Compressed air guns, Realistic replica guns (plastic or metal), Flare guns, Flares, Gun lighters, Gun powder, Parts of guns or firearms, Pallet guns, Starter pistol, Catapult, and even Toy guns in some cases.


  1. Sharp Objects

These refers to any objects, equipment, or simple machinery that can injure or even cause the death of an individuals when there are mis-used for purposes not intended by the manufacturer.

Examples of such materials include;

Box cutters, Ice Picks, Axes, Knives with blades of any length, Paper or plastic knives, Razor-type blades, Scissors (Metal or Plastic), Swords, Knitting and crochet needle, Screwdrivers.


* This rule is with the exception of Hypodermic syringes when the proper medical certificate has been verified by the airport officials.


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  1. Flammable Items

These comprises of all solids, or liquid that can catch fire easily. There are highly hazardous and could cause death.

Examples of such materials include;

Fuels (including cooking fuels), Gases, Flammable Liquids (Lighters containing unabsorbed liquid fuel)

Gas Torches, Gasoline Flammable Solids, Firelighters, Hexamine, Oxidising materials that react with air, Tupentine and Paint, Matches, etc.


  1. Sporting Materials

These includes those sporting objects, materials or accessories that can (be used) to hurt people or cause damage. These items are prohibited, and anyone found with them would have to explain to the SRA and ESRA.

Examples of such materials include;

Baseball bats, Bows and arrows, Cricket bats, Golf clubs, Darts, Hockey sticks, Lacrosse sticks, Billiard, Snooker or pool cues, Ski poles, Spear guns.


  1. Narcotics

These are hard drugs of any kind.

There are substance that alter or affect the mood and behaviour of people that use them.

However if you provide a verified documented proof from any recognized health institution, you would be exempted. This proof would undergo verification by the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria and other related bodies.


  1. Dangerous Chemicals

These includes poisonous substances that can cause harm when it comes in contact with an individual. They include acids, Chlorine (for Pools and Spas), Compressed Gas Cylinders (like  fire extinguishers), liquid bleach, Poisons like Paint spray cans, warfarin (rat poison), Spillable batteries, Spray Paints, Tear Gas, Radioactive isotopic samples etc.



In summary, any commodity that could cause damage to property, and injury to people are all prohibited.

Some other categories of such items are:

  1. Explosive Objects (which includes;)

Blasting Caps, Dynamite, Fireworks, Hand grenades, Plastic explosives, Realistic replica of explosives


  1. Self-defence Items for Martial Arts;

Billy clubs, Black jacks, Brass knuckles, Kubatons, Pepper spray etc.


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