Airtel, the smartphone network is at it again! Airtel has just introduced a new bonus offer called the Airtel Recharge Plus Promo. With this promo offer, all airtel customers receive rewards each week. That is simply fabulous.


The Airtel recharge plus promo offer is targeted at both old and new customers. If you have an airtel sim then you are qualified for the bonus offer. However, you have a part to play in unlocking the bonus offer. Also you can use the data offer on any sim enabled phone and even on unlocked modems!

We have compiled in this blog post to show you how to get the promo offer every week and how to migrate to the plan. So, here is all you need to know about the airtel recharge plus tariff plan.


Start Point Is Your Weekly Recharge Target

The Airtel Recharge promo offer is designed in such a way that it is based on each sim card’s recharge target. To get the promo offer, each customer must have a certain recharge amount each week. The customer must load the target amount before the week ends. However, the amount of recharge that qualifies for the promo is different from customer to customer. The amount you will recharge depends entirely on your regular recharge and you will need to find out what your qualifying amount is. To find out how much you need to recharge each week to qualify, simply dial *479# to view your weekly recharge target.


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Promo Amount

The Airtel recharge plus bonus offers you 250MB free data every week and this means you get 1GB free data in one month. Your recharge card balance remains the same while your bonus is still running. The data balance does not however run over and is valid for seven days only whether or not you have used it.

You can use your data to perform any activity such as browsing, chatting, and so on.

If you do not succeed in recharging the weekly target amount, you became ineligible for the offer.



How To Enroll On The Airtel Recharge Plus Offer

To activate the plan, you should recharge your sim and dial *479#. Also you should recharge your target amount before the week runs out.


There are still a lot of unanswered questions on the plan and Airtel is in the process of unveiling the offer. You can get all the information you need as well as ask any questions abpout the offer on Airtel’s instagram page.

The Airtel instagram page has even described the plan in these words: “#ReallyFreeData with Airtel RechargePlus. Simply do your usual recharge every week and get rewarded with FREE 250MB. Dial *479# to know more.”

Indeed this is a worthwhile data bonus offer and one of the best you will get and this proves again that Airtel is on top their game of delivering value to their customers.


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  1. I tried it but its not working..
    The respond was dat “this service is currently not available ”
    So please wat shud I do??

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