Today, people consume lots data even more than airtime. Almost everyone uses data to access internet. As data usage increases, it has become more imperative for people to consider sharing their data purchased with airtime on their lines. So, lets talk about data sharing on airtel.


Firstly we need to consider what data sharing is. Data sharing means a service offered by the network provider which enables a subscriber to successfully give part of his purchased data to another subscriber on the same network. This means a subscriber who purchases 2GB worth of data for instance, can give part of the data to loved ones so that they can access the internet or download.


On the airtel network, a subscriber who purchase a certain amount of data can share with loved ones. For instance, if you purchase a 3GB worth of data, you may share with family and loved ones on the airtel network.


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Facts On Airtel Data Sharing

  1. You can only share data with another airtel subscriber. It is impossible to share airtel data with other networks
  2. The lowest amount of data you can ever send out is 3MG
  3. The data sharing service can be accessed and used for free.
  4. You cannot share over 90% of the data bundle or data plan
  5. This is different from the hotspots data sharing. Once the data is shared, the mobile device words on it own shared data.
  6. This is not data gifting. Data gifting is buying a data plan for another subscriber.
  7. The data sharing service is available on all active airtel lines.
  8. The data sharing service access and usage is not dependent on type of phone. Whether you use an Android or fluorescent face mobile device, you can access ans use the service as long as its an active airtel line.


How To Share of Data On Airtel

To share data on airtel number please ensure that the mobile number from which you wish to send out data has sufficient data in its data balance (you may dial *140# to view data balance). After confirming the presence of enough data. Please dial *141*1*5# and follow the prompt to input the airtel number (recipient) and the amount of data to be shared. You will then input your PIN. The default PIN is 1234. You are required to change this PIN one you can easily remember but difficult for any one to guess.


So its not more than that. You can actually start a mini data sharing business with this and make lots of money from your mobile device. Think about numerous of your friends that will love to buy data in small amount from a trust source. So you can be that source.


For further details or assistance, you may kindly reach out to the airtel customer service via 111. An agent will guide you through. You may also visit any airtel office close to you.



  1. Sulehman Emmanuel suleiman

    I try it I can only share 200 mb which is too small. Any way out?

  2. abdulrahaman zulkifli

    please I forgot my me2u data pin and have called d customer care but to no avail
    please help me out

  3. It Is Helpful

    1. Pls, the same thing applies to me. What can I do?

  4. I can’t remember my pin for airtel data share. I called the airtel agents but couldn’t help. What can I do, please?

    1. Please call the customer service

  5. Pls can u send me my me2u pin

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