The GTBank mobile app is a fast, convenient, easy and reliable means to carry out your banking transactions. You can check your account balance, recharge airtime for yourself or friend, transfer funds, confirm or request for cheques or card and many more.


How Does It Work?

– First download the GTBank mobile app from your phone’s appstore

– Install and open the app on your mobile

– Register your details by answering the questions in the field provided in order to use this feature.

– You will be sent a SMS containing your 6 digits activation token

– Enter the activation token in the app and create a new and personalized pin known only by you.

– Your account is ready to use. You can deposit money into your new account by transferring funds through a Quickteller portal at or transfer funds from your GTBank account to your GTmobile account (Can only work if you link the two accounts)



GTBank Mobile Wallet

This is a unique addition to the GTBank mobile app that allows you manage your account and perform several banking transactions right in the comfort of your homes.


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 Cheque Book Request And Collection

  1. Download the GT-World app on your phone
  2. Install and open the app
  3. Log on to mobile banking with your userID and password
  4. Slide your finger on your mobile to display the outstanding menu options.
  5. Click on “Requests” on the banking module
  6. Select ” Request a service”
  7. Select “Pick up method”
  8. Select “Request type”
  9. Select ” Cheque book collection “
  10. Complete the form displayed with the appropriate details such account to be charged for the transaction, pick up method and pick up branch.
  11. Click continue to proceed.
  12. Enter your pin
  13. Click Done to complete request.



Benefits Of The Mobile Wallet App

  1. It is available to anyone using a mobile phone and customers using GTBank accounts.
  2. It is convenient, fast and reliable
  3. Integrates both mobile and internet banking in the app
  4. Does not require any security token unlike other transactions on the GTBank internet banking app.
  5. You can check your account balance, recharge your phone and make transfers all without a card.


Another way to perform all your banking transactions is through the 737 code. This is a unique USSD code that allows you to perform your banking transactions even without the benefit of a data connection. It allows customers to open a GTBank account, transfer money, load airtime or data and check your account balance anytime and anywhere.

  1. To open a GTBank account- Just dial *737*0# then follow the instructions on your mobile screen, you will be sent an account number via SMS, sign up and look out for the account number.
  2. To create a transaction pin- Just dial *737*5# input the last 6 digits of your debit card then create your personalized 4- digits pin.
  3. To transfer Funds- Just dial *737*1*amount*recipient’s account number # then follow the onscreen prompts. To transfer to other banks, dial *737*737*2*amount*recipient’s account number# Afterwards input the last 4 digits of your debit card.
  4. To recharge airtime- Dial *737*amount# for yourself. To recharge for others, dial *737*amount*phone number #.


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