The 9mobile network is gradually building its reputation in the Nigerian communication service, initially its customer were worried and  sceptical about its service delivery, but currently the 4th place Nigerian communication company is causing a stir  in the communication market. In a previous article, i wrote about a new service launched under the 9mobile platform called Kwikcash; a service that gives 9mobile active subscribers the opportunity to access quick loans without collateral or documentation for the sum of 1,000-100,000, you should check out this service.

On this article, i will be writing about how to share Data and Airtime on the 9mobile network.


Have you ever felt like sharing your unused data before it expires or you even have much data you could not finish before it expires and you want to share?

You might simply be searching for how to share your data with friends and family, or even transfer for sale.

On the 9mobile network you can now share data in either Megabytes or gigabytes, simply by dialling a USSD code, this services is also available for sharing Airtime with friends and family on the 9mobile network, which allows you to transfer airtime from your 9mobile Prepaid, or Post paid line to another 9 mobile account. A USSD code also applies to enjoying this service with friend and family or even transfer to people for sale.


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How To Share Data On 9mobile

To share your data on 9 mobile with another subscriber simply dial *229* pin *volume of MB *9mobile number# which mean if you want to share 50MB, you simply dial *229*0000*50*08091345678#

It is important to note that the default transfer pin is 0000, but you could change it to your personal preferred code, to perform this simply dial *247* Old pin *New pin#. it is also important to note that the minimum share is 10MB and the maximum is 50MB. On a daily, the transfer limit is 250MB. Data transfer sharing is only possible on purchased data.


How To Share Airtime On 9mobile

To transfer airtime on 9mobile network to another 9moible subscriber simply dial *223*pin * Amount * Phone number#.which means if you want to transfer 200 airtime, you’ll simply dial *223*0000*200*09012395678#. After dialling the command code, you will be requested to press 1 to confirm and 2 to cancel.


It is important to note that the default transfer code is 0000, but if you want to change this code simply dial *247*Old pin * New pin#. and that is all on mobile data and airtime sharing. now that you understand how this process is done you can kindly share data and airtime with friend and family.


I could say for a fact that 9mobile is at the forefront of providing excellent customer service to its subscribers all across the country. its several bonus packages on both voice and data plans is amazing, giving subscribers the opportunity to enjoy several benefits of the network. i believe that this network is gradually establishing a strong communication brand to reckon with among the Nigeria communication network.


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