The average Nigerian adult spends about 1-2 hours each day on the mobile phone. Making voice calls, text messages, surfing the internet, chatting on social media platforms and downloading are often done and one can hardly spend a day without doing one or more of these. The mobile phone has become a vital part of our daily lives and we often find ourselves looking or checking one thing or another on it from time to time.


The mobile phone revolution began in Nigeria in the early 2000’s and several telecom company’s presently operate in the country. 9Mobile formerly known as Etisalat is renowned as the most innovative, youth- friendly and customer focused network. 9Mobile is the trading name for Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Limited. It is a Nigerian private limited liability company headquartered in Lagos.


The company acquired a unified Access Service License from NCC Nigeria Communication Commission in 2007 and has been in operation for 9 years. 9Mobile has in the short period in the industry built several state of the art infrastructure and has been a leader in innovation and quality among mobile network providers in Nigeria. The name was changed in July 2007 and the new brand identity reflects the bold and creative attributes the company is determined to share with its subscribers.



Products And Services

9mobile is poised to deliver high speed data and quality voice services that will enable customers do more. The company provides a diverse range of products and services suitable for every Nigerian. They include:


  1. Blaze on: A unique and innovative data product that allows subscribers enjoy time based (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) internet data plans.
  2. Micro flex Hybrid Premium Bundles: This is a prepaid bundle that offers cost effective roaming experience to customers on voice, SMS and data services.
  3. My 9mobile App: It is a self service app that helps subscribers manage their accounts, check balance, recharge and stay up to date with new products and services.


You can do so much with your mobile SIM . You can make voice calls, surf the net at your will. What if you or someone you know runs out of airtime or data? Don’t panic! You can:

-Buy and load a recharge card or send to the person

– You can recharge for yourself or loved one through your bank account

– You can transfer from your account to your friend or family


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How It Works?

Airtime Transfer

  1. Change your SIM card pin code from the default pin to a personalized pin. The USSD code is 247 and the default pin is 0000 so just dial *247*Default pin*New pin#. Example *247*0000*1234# then send.
  2. Check your airtime balance to make sure you have enough for the transfer
  3. To transfer airtime, dial *223* pin*amount*recipient’s 9mobile no# Example *223*1234*500*08181234567# then send
  4. You will receive a message asking you to confirm or cancel the transaction, press 1 to confirm.



You can only transfer to subscribers on the 9mobile network and no service fee will be charged. Also you must have extra airtime before you can transfer so if you have #100 you can only transfer #50 and not all your airtime.


Data Transfer Processes

Just dial *229*pin*data volume to transfer*recipient’s 9mobile no#. Example *229*1234*200*08181234567#



  1. You must have an active data plan before you can transfer and the moment your data expires so will the transferred data also expire.
  2. The minimum volume of data for transfer is 10Mb and maximum is 50Mb thus if you want to transfer 200Mb then it means you send the code four times that is 50Mb each time till its complete
  3. Maximum volume of data you can transfer in a day is 250Mb
  4. You can only transfer from data you purchased and not bonus data, also you can only transfer to a subscriber using 9mobile
  5. You must have extra or left over data before you can begin the transfer. For example if you have 500MB, you can only transfer between 50-400 Mb. You can’t transfer all your data volume.


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