You don`t have to spend frustrating hours on long queues in banking halls just to carry out transactions, or wait for a good internet connection to do so online. Technology has gone the extra mile to solve that for you, and FCMB has jumped on the train.


With the FCMB *329# USSD code, you can carry out transactions conveniently and without stress, independent of where you are or what time of the day it is. It is a new and easy way of mobile banking just rolled out by FCMB.



Transactions You Can Perform On The *329# Platform

  • Top-up your mobile phone, and that of others
  • Check your account balance and get mini-statements
  • Transfer funds
  • Buy data
  • Pay various bills
  • Request for a card
  • Open an eWallet account
  • Make deposit to your ewallet
  • Make withdrawals from your ewallet

and several others.



What You Need To Carry Out Transactions

  • Any type of mobile phone, with or without internet connectivity.
  • A registered phone number you used in the opening of your FCMB account.

Nothing else!

How To Register On The *329# Platform

  1. Dial *329# on your mobile phone with the phone number used in opening your FCMB account. Note that you don`t need data for this.
  2. Enter your First Name and Last Name
  3. Enter your correct date of birth, as used during your account opening
  4. Choose your gender
  5. Then enter your pin, and confirm

Voila! You`re done!



How to Perform Various Transactions 

  • Airtime Top-up (Yourself)

Dial *329*Amount#

An example is *329*1000#, and then you SEND


  • Airtime Top-up (Others)

Dial *329*Amount*Mobile Phone Number#

An example is *329*1500*08164041111# and then you SEND


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  • Transfer Funds

Dial *329*Amount*Account Number#

An example is *329*10000*013016673456# and SEND

Then enter your four-digit pin


  • Account Balance

Dial *329*00#


  • Change of Pin

Dial *329*0#

Enter your pin

Enter your new pin, and confirm.


  • Other Transactions

Dial *329# and follow the prompts as you so desire.


With the FCMB *329# USSD banking solution, you can carry out transactions anytime of the day 24/7. It is a safe and secure universal platform, so you have absolutely nothing to fear.


The Problems *329# Solves For You

Why should you jilt every other option you have, and befriend FCMB`s *329# USSD platform?

  • It is completely safe and secure. You don’t have to worry over any possible internet fraud.
  • Every transaction requires your PIN. So even when others have access to your mobile phone, they cannot carry out any transaction. Unless, of course, they know your pin.
  • You don`t have to queue for long hours in the backs for simple transactions.
  • Never again will you be stranded and unable to access recharge cards. Because with it, your next recharge is just a dial away.
  • You can easily transfer funds to your loved ones with just a dial. And they don`t have to worry too much in emergency cases.

So what are you waiting for? Click away.


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