There was a time 2G network was terribly slow, and we all went wild with excitement when 3G became available with a faster internet access. Now, it has even become too slow for our data need, especially for downloads at HD videos streaming.

With the new Airtel 4G, you can get the fastest internet sped ever!

4G is a Fourth Generation telecommunications technology that offers high data speed.  Also known as Long Term Evolution (LTE), 4G gives you a data experience without any form of drag.

If you are an Airtel 3G sim user, you can easily upgrade to a 4G sim easily without stress, and they will deliver it to you at home.


Things To Note Before You Upgrade

  • Your phone must be 4G-enabled. To check if your phone is 4G enabled, dial *121#, and select 4G services. If not, do well to get a 4G enabled phone to be able to use the Airtel 4G data service.
  • You must be within Airtel 4G Coverage Location, which is currently available in Abuja, Ibadan and Lagos. Other major cities will be available soon.

If the above two criteria are met, then you`re on your way to an internet speed like never before.


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How To Upgrade Your SIM To 4G

There are two methods you can utilize in upgrading your 3G sim to 4G.


Method 1

  1. Visit Airtel 4G Upgrade page at
  2. Request for FREE 4G sim
  3. Fill in your sim delivery details
  4. Your will receive your new 4G in 2-4 days.

After you receive your new sim, you need to do the following:

  • SMS SIM <20 digit sim number> to 121 from your old sim. The 20 digit sim number can be found at the back of your new sim. Then confirm by sending 1, and you will receive a confirmation Sms.
  • After few hours, your new sim will be set up for use and you can begin to enjoy 4G services with your new sim, after inserting it into your phone, of course.
  • Your old sim will be deactivated, and will stop working.


Method 2

You can result to this if you have any unresolved problems trying to request for a new 4G sim online.

  • Visit the nearest Airtel Shop or any retail shop.
  • Request for a new Airtel 4G sim.
  • Note that this is absolutely free, and you do not have to pay any thing whatsoever.
  • They will take your details, and give you your new sim in a matter of hours, if they have it in stock.


The first method, however, is very reliable, stress-free, and you get you 4G sim right at your doorstep. So you can enjoy great internet speed and do all the marvelous things you have always wanted to do online without any stress.

You can always reach the Customer Care Service on 121 for any question, complaints or assistance.



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