The Ecobank Rapid Transfer service allows customers to transfer funds at any Ecobank branch or Rapid Transfer agent office in all Ecobank 33 countries and even abroad to foreign banks without the need of opening an Ecobank account. You can transfer at any Ecobank branch close to you or at any Rapidtransfer agent, You can also transfer online to any bank account (Nigeria and abroad) once you download and install the Rapidtransfer application on your mobile device.



Features of RapidTransfer App

  1. Send and receive money across Nigeria and Africa(Transfer money across 33 Ecobank countries and receive money in your own account or wallet)
  2. Airtime (Top-up your phone at a click)
  3. Pay Bills (Pay bills conveniently, quickly and easily)
  4. The maximum amount vary from country to country but the maximum daily amount is US $10,000
  5. No need to have an existing account with Ecobank


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How To Use RapidTransfer At A Bank or Agent Office

  1. To Send Money. Go the nearest Ecobank branch or Rapidtransfer agent office and fill a “Rapidtransfer Send form” correctly
  2. Submit a valid proof of identification (National ID card/Driver’s license/International passport/Voter’s ID card)
  3. Give the cashier or agent the amount you want to transfer plus the required commission then collect your Reference number and call the funds recipient with the details of the transfer.
  4. To Receive Money. Go to the nearest Ecobank Branch or Rapidtransfer agent office with a valid proof of identification.
  5. Fill a “Rapidtransfer Receive Form” correctly and submit to the cashier or agent
  6. Your documents will be verified then your transaction will be called up and you will receive your cash.



Benefits Of Ecobank Rapid Transfer Service

  1. Superfast and supereasy. Unlike normal bank transfers that get processed for hours, Rapidtransfer is processed within minutes so that the recipient can still get the money that same day
  2. No transfer charges is deducted or demanded
  3. Safe and secure transactions
  4. It is Fast, convenient and reliable



How To Be A RapidTransfer Agent

To join the team of agents you must meet be a registered institution either as an entrepreneur/partnership/company etc. You must also be a citizen of that country or must have lived in that country for at least five years, you must be above 18 years and must not have any criminal record.

  1. Approach any affiliate of Ecobank for assistance and tell them your intentions to join the team
  2. You will asked to fill a form and a background check will be carried out on you.


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