Airtime (Credit) can be requested for from the MTN network provider once the user is out of airtime on his/ her SIM Card. This credit that is being borrowed from MTN network service provider is called the MTN XTRATIME. The MTN XtraTime is also amongst the newly introduced service/plan that enables every MTN eligible users to borrow airtime from the network provider on credit and repay on next recharge.

This plan is being introduced to reduce the rate of disappointment that the users have been complaining of especially when they try recharging from their banking service and the internet service is failing, and also to the customers who ran out of airtime and need to make an emergency call in an area where it is difficult to get the recharging card. All this has led to the development of the service plan. This plan is a very easy service that can be used by the customers, anytime, anywhere.


Why MTN XtraTime Service Plan?

This service functions just like the regular recharging service of the SIM Card. Below are the benefits of the XtraTime plan:

  1. For Making calls; the Local calls (for MTN-MTN and other networks like the Airtel, Glo, Etisalat, etc) and the international calls
  2. It can be used for the subscription of the internet services; this can also be done by borrowing/ requesting for XtraByte on the service network. To request for the MTN XtraByte;
    • Dial *606# (Service Code)
    • Select Number 3 “Request Data” (XtraByte) and send
    • Choose on preferred the data volume. Below are the available data bundles on the MTN XtraByte Plan with their Bundle price:
XtraByte Bundle Price
20 MB ₦ 50
50 MB ₦ 100
500 MB ₦ 200
150 MB (Weekly) ₦ 300
150 MB (Daily) ₦ 500

Note, for every of this bundle plan requested for, 15 % of the service provided will be deducted from the borrowed data

  1. The XtraTime plan can be used for texting messages


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How To Borrow Airtime From The MTN Service Provider With Code


Every user who wished to enjoy this service must bear the following in mind:

  • This service plan is available only for the active users on the MTN prepaid plan
  • Before activation into the service, the main account balance on the SIM card must be between ₦ 0 and ₦ 12
  • The SIM Card must have been registered
  • For every new service (amount to borrow), the previous service must have been paid for


To Confirm Eligibility;

  1. Simply dial the XtraTime code, that is, *606#
  2. Select on Number 1 “Eligibility Status” and send


Once eligible, the below message will be send to the mobile number

Yello. You can now enjoy the MTN XtraTime &XtraByte! Your total credit limit is NGN 1000. Just dial *606# to request an advance anytime. Thank you!

Once the above-mentioned eligibility requirements have been met, users can access the service through the below procedures:

  1. Dial *606# (Service Code)
  2. Select Number 2 “Request Airtime” (XtraTime) and send
  3. Choose on the preferred amount to be borrowed



Transaction Charges

After selecting on the preferred amount, the network provider charges a service fee of 15% for every amount that is being borrowed. This service fee is being deducted from the borrowed airtime

MTN XtraTime Repayment Plan

This XtraTime can only be repaid by recharging of the SIM card through the physical recharge be

it from the banking service or the usual recharging way


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