MTN Backup is a service designed by MTN to afford her customers keep both phone and SIM contacts safe on a prepared secure MTN online account.

It enables subscribed customers to save both the contacts on their SIM as well as those on the phone. Each subscriber is able to backup up to 200 contacts on the SIM and up to 5000 contacts on the mobile phone. Also, there is automatic back up every two weeks. This based on the believe that you would have add more contacts in two weeks.  Isn’t that a great innovation?

This means, if anything happens to your phone or SIM such as robbery, theft or damage, one can get his/her contacts restored to a new mobile phone or SIM as the case may be.


Getting Started

If you are willing to guude against bad days ahead, no one prays for it but just in case it happens, you need to be prepared. You may lost your phone, it may be stolen or damaged. How do you then get contacts that you have acquired in years in few hours or days? MTN Backup will definitely help here.

There are two ways you could register for the service. You could either navigate to your SMS menu and create an SMS containing “Start” then send it to 307 or you may simply navigate to the SIM Menu on your phone and then to “MTN Service”. You will see MTN Backup. This service is available on 128k MTN SIM.


Compatible Phones

The MTN Backup service is available for all phone types except on Windows OS but users of Windows OS are able to Backup SIM contacts only.


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Access To The Back up Contact

You can access the self-care interface the backed up contacts to be able to view it via the internet by logging on to then, you will be required to login with your received login information which you received by SMS. If you didn’t receive an SMS with your login details. Then you may access through the Self-Care interface either clicking on “Don’t have an account yet” and then follow through instructions to create one or by clicking on “Forgot your Password” if you received it and have misplaced it.


Cost Of The Service

The question on your mind is right now is “how much will a service like this cost?” Its ideal to ask and here is the answer, you pay N100 at the signing up stage to begin using the service while you are subsequently charged N50 biweekly as it back up your contacts every two weeks. This biweekly cost applies irrespective of the number of contacts it back up.


How To Stop The Service

In a case whereby you no longer want the service anymore due to reasons best known to you, you may simply stop the service by unsubscribing from it by sending an SMS containing “UNSUB” to 307 or send “STOP” to 307. Either of the two texts will put on an end to the subscription as far as your line is concerned on MTN Back up service.


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