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Unforeseen circumstances may hinder us from placing that call or getting that Internet service at a time we really need to do so. The lady who sells vouchers didn’t turn up today, your bank is declining your online transactions, you up on a sanitation Saturday or a Sunday morning and all shops are closed. All these reasons could be why you couldn’t get airtime credits yet that call can’t wait.


You really need to talk to your partner, your boss has to know why you won’t be at work today, your Container just arrived and you need to contact urgently the clearing officer, you need to chat with your wife/Husband to know if the kids have been picked up  just to avoid making an aimless drive  to school and back. Yet you don’t have enough airtime credit to place that call or get you online. Thank Goodness for the “Borrow-airtime” services today. Your worries are a thing of the past.

Borrowing Airtime or Data in any network is a service that allows one access to Airtime credit or Internet Megabytes when their airtime is too low to  place a call or go online. This airtime is deducted  from the customers next recharge, usually with interests. The Airtime gotten on credit can be used for all chargeable activities on the network.

As far as the borrow credit/airtime and Data service in Nigeria today goes, the packages from MTN called Xtratime (or Xtrabyte  for Data)  ranks amongst the Top due to its affordability. It is available to registered users on prepaid plan whose account balance is under #12. MTN puts into consideration the average monthly recharge of the customer to know the amount he’ll receive and refund without sweat. The requesting customer must have cleared up all outstanding Arrears before making a new request.


How To Get MTN Xtratime

Eligible customers could access MTN Xtratime by Dialling *606# to reveal the menu below:

Welcome to MTN Xtratime.

1: Eligibility status

2: Request Airtime(Xtratime)

3:Request Data(Xtratime)


5:Xtra time Balance 



This menu allows any customer to know their eligibility status, request for Airtime and Data, and learn more about the service by selecting the “Next” option.

After requesting and receiving Airtime, the credit is usually loaded in a separate account which could be checked by Dialling *606# and selecting number 5.

Xtratime could be used for all activities that requires a Charge on the MTN network. This includes; calls, messaging and Internet services. The customer enjoys all these benefits until he or she has exhausted the Xtratime credit.


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Xtratime service Fee

The service charges 15% of any amount requested. For instance, if one requested for #1000, the service fee of #150 would be deducted first while the #850 left would be credited to the customer’s Xtratime Account.



How To Payback MTN Xtratime

Using the regular balance enquiry command which is *556#, a Customer could check an outstanding Xtratime amount he or she owes. That command would bring back a negative value revealing the outstanding Xtratime amount.

The money owed would be refunded  at the next recharge the customer makes. If the Xtratime is greater than the next  recharge Amount, deductions would be made from subsequent recharges to recover any outstanding Xtratime.

For MTN xtrabyte, customers who are eligible could choose from 5 data bundles on the xtrabytes menu after Dialling *606# and selecting number 3(request Data-xtrabyte). The data bundles available are:

  • 20MB
  • 50MB
  • 150MB daily
  • 150MB weekly
  • 500MB

15% is also the service charge for all borrowed data. Refunds too are made from the customer’s next recharge .


Here is the Xtrabyte table

Xtrabyte Band Customer Receives Bundle Price  Amount Recovered Validity Period
20MB 20MB N50 NGN 57.50 24 hrs
50MB 50MB N100 NGN 115 24 hrs
150MB 150MB N200 NGN 230 24 hrs
150MB 150MB N300 NGN 345 7 days
500MB 500MB N500 NGN 575 7 days


Don’t let that low balance stop you from making that life saving call or chat on the MTN Network.



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