MTN, one of the most popular networking companies in Nigeria has launched their Mobile Tv named Mtn Mobile TV. This service allows their subscribers to watch TV programmes live on their smartphones with an active data bundle. This service provides for its subscribers live streaming of any programme made available to TV users and other videos made for mobile viewing to those subscribers with an active data plan enabled smartphone.



Benefits Of The MTN Mobile TV

In 2007, a type of mobile TV was made available on the digital video broadcasting for handheld platform. Thus digital video broadcasting for handheld requires anyone who wants to enjoy its service to purchase a special type of handset to use in viewing channels. But this new mobile TV does not need any special handset or device for streaming live videos. It is readily available to any one who has a smartphone and also has an active data plan. Its users have the opportunity to watch TV program and other related content from TV channels of about twenty on their phone via the Mtn Mobile TV.


An advantage of this service is that customers or subscribers have the freedom to select the channels they wish to watch. They are not stuck with one or few channels as there are a bouquet of channels provided for them.



How To Download And Setup The App

“All the subscriber needs to do to enjoy this service is just to activate the WAP browser on their Mobile handsets and devices. They can either access MTN Mobile TV packages via the MTN Play portal, or by typing in the address of the Mobile TV portal and they are good to go”. These were the words of the Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of MTN Nigeria in person of Mr. Larry Annetta, while announcing the new service in Lagos.


Larry also said in his speech that customers can also send an SMS with the word Mobile TV to a short code and the link to the Mobile TV portal will be sent to them. He also said that the company will continue to invest massively in the network to deepen its capacity to delight its customers with more innovative products and services.


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To download the Mobile TV unto your phone therefore, here is all you need to do:

  1. Visit the MTN Play portal and request for Mobile TV right on your phone
  2. Visit the Mobile TV site directly at and click on the download button
  3. Send an SMS with the word “Mobile TV” to 5600 and click on the link sent to you.
  4. Whichever method you choose from above, the next step is to select a plan
  5. Confirm your selection
  6. Make payments with your Mtn Sim using your airtime balance
  7. Enjoy your TV!




When you subscribe, you have three bouquet to choose from. Each bouquet contains a variety of channels and it is also possible to choose more than one Mobile TV Bouquet.

The Mobile TV plans ranges from as low as N350 for 7 days at a limit of 75mb to N2500 each month at a data limit of 5000mb.




With all these, it is evident for all to  see that MTN has taken it as a duty upon themselves to serve their customers with the best of quality products. They have been the leading network providing company for many years now and they have kept improving on themselves as the years go by to make their customers happy.

By providing this Mobile TV, their users can get to watch their favourite TV programmes and channels when they are not around their TV set. They may be on a journey and don’t want to miss their favourite programme. MTN has made it possible to carry your TV everywhere you go!


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