Glo international call slasher is a service offered by the Global Com company to its subscribers. This service, makes it possible for them to make the usual international calls at a cheaper and affordable rate. The Global Com company has cut off the tariffs that is usually placed on international calls to more than two hundred countries for customers using their network.


The plan allows Glo subscribers to make international calls to over two hundred countries at a very huge discount. The plan is available to you whether you are on the prepaid or postpaid system. On the glo international call slasher plan, calls with their destinations at Spain, Japan, Italy, Dominica, are charged at fifty five percent, fifty percent, sixty percent, and eighty five percent discount respectively, while those other calls with their own destination at India, United Kingdom, United States Of America and Republic of China are charged at forty percent discount.



Benefits Of Glo Call Slasher

“Glo slasher offer, underlines our desire to continue to offer affordable telecommunication service to our subscribers”. The networking company said in a press statement. Conforming to the Global Com company, with a monthly subscription of just two hundred naira only, their various customers and subscribers will benefits as much as eighty five percent discount on their preferred international calling targets and various destinations. This discount varies from five percent to eighty five percent. The discount rate you receive all depends on which of the more than two hundred destinations is been called.


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Some of the more than two hundred destinations include countries like Cameron, Denmark, France, Brazil, Belgium, Australia, Benin Republic, Ghana, Hong Kong, Germany, India, Israel, Kenya, Kuwait, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Angola, South Africa, Argentina, South Korea, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and many more that were not mentioned.



How To Migrate To Glo International Call Slasher With Code

To migrate to the glo international call slasher, subscribers are required to dial *777# and follow the onscreen commands by selecting international call offers, and then select the IDD call slasher menu to enjoy the special tariffs under thus selected menu.


To enjoy this plan more, subscribers are advised to have sufficient main account balance on their glo sim cards, then your call would have greater discounted rates. Note that it is the period of your call that determines the discount, that is the longer the call the greater the discount.

Also note that once you subscribe to the glo slasher, your subscription will be on auto renewal each month to ensure unceasing discount.


So for those Glo users and subscribers who have friends, families, or any relative in this two hundred countries and more, your network provider, Glo has given you a very rare opportunity. You can now call and talk to your loved ones at cheaper rates now. Glo has made it possible for you to contact your loved ones in this more than two hundred countries more comfortably. If you have people in this countries and don’t have a Glo sim card yet I advice you to get one and get slashing!


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