NTEL Nigeria is the first Telecommunications company in Nigeria to launch a 4G LTE service. At the inception of NTEL services, they only offered unlimited internet data access, but now they have both unlimited data access and capped data volumes.


The beginning of the ntel story can be traced to the acquisition of core telecom assets previously owned by Nigeria’s national fixed and mobile operators- NiTel/MTel- by NatCom Development & Investment Ltd. (NatCom) in a liquidation process supervised and approved by Nigeria’s Bureau of Public Enterprises and a court-appointed liquidator. This liquidation process was concluded in May, 2015.


All You Need To Know Before Subscribing for NTEL 4G LTE Data.

First, your phone needs to be a 4G LTE enabled phone for you to able to use any of NTEL services, both voice and data. If you don’t have a 4G LTE enabled phone, you can also use it on 4G LTE Mifis or 4G LTE routers for your business or office needs.


Currently, NTEL 4G LTE internet service is only available in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt with plans to extend to other major cities and states in Nigeria. If you’re staying in any of this NTEL 4G LTE States or cities, you can walk into any of their stores closest to you to purchase a SIM and or 4G LTE phones or devices.

Presently, recharge on your NTEL Sim or device can be made or purchased at their stores, super agent stores or online through their website or Quick teller, same is applicable for data purchase.


NTEL 4G LTE Data Plans: How To Subscribe On Different Bundle

Like we stated earlier, NTEL now has two subscription bundles, Unlimited and capped data bundles. So we’ll be talking about the two separately.


Unlimited Data Bundles:

There are three various plans for this bundle, which have different prices and validity period



Cost: N1,000

Data Volume: Unlimited

Valid for 2 days



Costs: N3,000

Data Volume: Unlimited

Valid for 7 days



Costs: N10,000

Data volume: Unlimited

Valid for 30 days


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NB: You only get to enjoy this Unlimited plans for 3 months, after you must have purchased or activated one of the Unlimited plan on buying the sim.

After your first 3 months of being able to purchase the Unlimited data bundles, if you’re still interested in using an Unlimited plan, then you’ll have to go for either the:


XL – Unlimited Data and Voice

Data: Unlimited

On-net Minutes: Unlimited (Only to NTEL numbers)

Off-net Minutes: 400 (Over 6 hours of voice calls to other networks)

Validity: 90 Days

Costs: N75,000


XL – Unlimited Data Only

Data: Unlimited

Validity: 90 Days

Costs: N65,000


Ntel Capped Data Bundles:

This also has two various plans that you might want to choose from, depending on your needs;

  1. Data and Voice
  2. Data Only


Data and Voice Mini:

Costs: N1,000

Data: 1gb

On-net Minutes: 100

Off-net Minutes: 25

Validity: 7 days


Data and Voice Classic:

Costs: N4,000

Data: 4gb

On-net Minutes: 400

Off-net Minutes: 100

Validity: 30 days


Data and Voice Max:

Costs: N10,000

Data: 16gb

On-net Minutes: 500

Off-net Minutes: 200

Validity: 30 days


Data and Voice XL:

Costs: N30,000

Data: 80gb

On-net Minutes: Unlimited

Off-net Minutes: 400

Validity: 90 days


Data Only Classic:

Costs: N2,500

Data: 4gb

Validity: 30 days


Data Only Max:

Costs: N7,500

Data: 16gb

Validity: 30 days


Data Only XL:

Costs: N25,000

Data: 80gb

Validity: 90 days


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