Ntel Nigeria has launched her 4G LTE with awesome voice and data tariff you may need to check out. If you seek to get on board, its quite simple and easy, all you need is an Ntel SIM, 4G LTE compatible mobile device and a subscription. With this, you can get connected to the world either by voice or data.



Interestingly, Ntel Nigeria offers some great freebies for you when you come on board. This offer is called Ntel WAWU SIM. Upon the possession of a Ntel WAWU SIM, you will be required to activate it with a short KYC (know your customer) registration. After this registration, you will be awarded some freebies. I am sure you don’t want to miss these freebies.


The Benefits Of Ntel WAWU SIM

The freebies begins with the fact that the Ntel WAWU SIM is free. You are not required to pay a dime. Next is that, after successful registration, you will get free 1G for immediate use which is valid for 48 hours. To get more freebies, visit any ntel SIM registration centre where you can complete the registration process. This enables you to get more freebies which include free 10GB worth of data valid for 30 days and 500% bonus on all the data plans you purchase for the next one year. Think about this great benefit for a whole year. It means you will never be out of data for a whole year on super fast 4G LTE. You also make calls at 8k/sec to all networks for the next one year. Tell me, what are you waiting for? Just get on board!


How To Obtain Ntel WAWU SIM

To obtain a Ntel WAWU SIM is not a problem at all. All that is required of you is to check out for participating device retailer in your area or you may find ntel activation team in your location. Either of them will make the Ntel WAWU SIM available to you for free based on request.


Ntel 4G LTE tariff and data comes in different sizes and cost. You may love get the details. Please find them below;


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Ntel Mini

On net minutes: 100

Off net minutes: 25

Data: 1GB

SMS: 10

Validity: 7 days

Price: N100


Ntel Classic

On net minutes: 400

Off net minutes: 100

Data: 4GB

SMS:  25

Validity: 30 days

Price: N4,000


Ntel Max/strong

On net minutes: 500

Off net minutes: 200

Data: 16GB

SMS: 50

Validity: 30 days

Price: N10,000


Ntel XL

On net minutes: unlimited

Off net minutes: 400

Data: 80GB

SMS: 100

Validity: 90 days

Price: N30,000


Ntel XL Unlmited

On net minutes: unlimited

Off net minutes: 400

Data: unlimited

SMS: 100

Validity: 90 days

Price: N75,000


For unlimited plans, please find information below

Plan: U daily

Validity: 2 days

Price: N1,500


Plan: U weekly

Validity: 7 days

Price: N3,750


Plan: U monthly

Validity: 30 days

Price: N17,500


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