Spectranet is Nigeria’s first Internet Service Provider to launch 4G LTE internet service in Nigeria. It is one of the fastest, reliable and affordable broadband Internet services in Nigeria.

They currently have service available across Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Port Harcourt and as time goes on more cities and states would be added to their 4G LTE network.

If you’re thinking of switching or subscribing to a 4G LTE Internet Service Provider and you’re staying around the locations mentioned above, you might want to choose Spectranet for their affordable and fast LTE internet service. It is also perfect for businesses and offices that make use of internet services.


How To Subscribe On Spectranet Internet Data Bundles


Before explaining to you how you’ll subscribe for the internet data bundles, if you’re a 1st time subscriber there are some things you must know.


Before you’ll be able to use Spectranet 4G LTE, you must purchase one of their devices, depending on what you need

  • Spectranet Portable MiFi: This comes in two variants and there’s just a little difference between the portable Mifi divices, with the major difference being difference in battery backup hours and price.

The first Mifi is bigger than the second one and has a display small rectangular digital display screen, with the latter not having any of this. The big Mifi has up to 12 hours battery backup time, while the small Mifi has just 6 hours battery back up time.

Price: The big Mifi costs N35,000, while the small Mifi costs N25,000.


Their Similar Features:

High speed portable Mi-Fi for home, office and business.

Standard Micro USB interface for Laptop/PC connection.

Multiple user Wi-Fi access.


  • Spectranet Indoor and Office Modem:

Suitable for your home or office, with additional features and benefits.

Price: N35,000


Features and Benefits

Ultrafast and reliable internet access

Multi user Wi-Fi enabled.

Supported by multiple OS: Windows/MAC/Unix/Linux.

In-built rechargeable battery back-up.

Telephone interface for VOIP.

In-built URL web filters for web-site restriction.


  • Spectranet Outdoor Modem

Suitable for outdoor internet service, it covers a larger radius and superior quality signal.

Price: N70,000


Features & Benefits

Higher signal strength.

High gain directional antenna.

Superior signal quality.

Communication hub for Enterprise Business.

In-built URL web filters for web-site restriction.


How To Purchase Spectranet Devices and Sim Card:

Visit any of Spectranet Offices closer to you, you’ll be required to come along with:

  1. One of the following: International passport, Valid ID card, Voter card.
  2. Passport photograph.


For corporate customer (Businesses or Offices) you require:

  1. Memorandum & Article of Association.
  2. Income tax returns.
  3. Power of Attorney ( Name of Authorized Signatory).

Once you’ve gotten your device, let’s talk about their Data Bundles and how to Subscribe:


All Spectranet Data Bundles Month Plan

Unlimited Gold Plan:

This is a new plan introduced by Spectranet and the Offer is Valid up until the 28th of February 2017.

Price: N18,000

Access: 24 x 7

Data Volume: Unlimited

Additional Bonus: Nil


Unified Value Plans (Without Additional Bonus)

This Spectranet data plans comes with different data volume and price value, with 24 hours daily  for a month, but without any additional bonus.


Unified Value 7GB

Price: N5,000

Data Volume: 7GB

Access: 24 x 7

Additional Bonus: Nil


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Unified Value 15GB

Price: N7,000

Data Volume: 15GB

Access: 24 x 7

Additional Bonus: Nil


Unified Value Plans (With Additional Bonus)

This Spectranet data plans also comes with various data volume and price value, 24 hours access daily valid for a month. The special benefit that comes with these plans is the Free Unlimited Night browsing additional bonus.


Unified Value 40GB

Price: N12,500

Data Volume: 40GB

Access: 24 x 7

Additional Bonus: Free Unlimited Night browsing.


Unified Value 55GB

Price: N20,000

Data Volume: 55GB

Access: 24 x 7

Additional Bonus: Free Unlimited Night browsing.


Unified Value 110GB

Price: N40,000

Data Volume: 110GB

Access: 24 x 7

Additional Bonus: Free Unlimited Night browsing.


Unified Value 200GB

Price: N70,000

Data Volume: 200GB

Access: 24 x 7

Additional Bonus: Free Unlimited Night browsing.


NB:  Free Unlimited Night browsing between 1am – 7am


Unified Nite Value Plan

If you’re a nightcrawler and you love browsing in the night or you work all day without being able to use the internet, except in the night. This plan is the best for you as you don’t get to use it only the in midnight, but from 7pm – 7am daily for a month. There are two plans that you can choose from the Unified Nite Value Plan with various plans and price values.


Unified Nite Value 20GB

Price: N7,500

Data Volume: 20GB

Access: 7pm – 7am

Additional Bonus: Nil


Unified Nite Value 40GB

Price: N11,000

Data Volume: 40GB

Access: 7pm – 7am

Additional Bonus: Nil


NB: All Nite Plans have 24 hours access on weekend and Public Holidays.


How To Subscribe Or Pay for Spectranet Data Plans:

There are various ways to Pay for Spectranet Subscription, which you can choose from below.


In Person:

At a Spectranet shop close to you or at Channel Partner.


Pay Online:

You’ll have to log on to Spectranet’s SelfCare portal with your username and password, which you’ll be given once you purchase Sdpectranet Device.


Other Online Channels:

You can also pay for Spectranet data subscription through Pagan or Quickteller.


Recharge Vouchers:

You can get Spectranet recharge vouchers from their channel partners.


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