PayAttitude is a payment platform developed by United Bank for Africa and Unified Payment Systems Limited. PayAttitude is developed to be linked to customer’s prepaid mobile wallet. It is enabled with Chip and Pin as well as a  tag-type contactless solution.

PayAttitude is a Near Field Communication (NFC) based tag type contactless payment remedy which facilitates POS payments without a debit card. This payment solution is protects both account and transactions by PIN and also converts a user’s device into a payment tool through the attachment of a readable NFC tag to the device.

This payment remedy ties the PayAttitude tag to the bank account of the users. It also possess an e-purse which enables her users to complete transactions in offline modes. Users are able to pay for goods and services without the use of a debit card and as well make withdrawals or deposits at Agent locations.

You can link up to 15 bank accounts to your PayAttitude and up to 3 accounts per bank. At the moment, offline transactions limit is N1,000,000 per day while each transaction cannot go beyond N250,000.


PayAttitude DebitPlus

PayAttitude Debit refers to Chip with Pin Tag-type contactless payment remedy based on Near Field Communication technology which turns the mobile phone of a subscriber to an NFC device. This links the handset to the subscriber Debit account Plus ePurse account which enables the subscriber to debit his/her account for different Contactless payment transactions.


PayAttitude Registration

For you to use PayAttitude, you will need to register for the service. Below are steps to follow to register for the service;

  1. Walk in to any partner bank in Nigeria e.g First Bank of Nigeria Ltd, Zenith Bank, Diamond Bank, Skye Bank and United Bank of Nigeria,
  2. Navigate to the customer service and make your intention to known
  3. Make your details available as you are required
  4. Fill and Sign the subscription form
  5. Create a PIN.

With this, you’re set up on the platform and you can now begin to use the platform.


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Features of PayAttitude

  1. It is easy and simple to use
  2. It is linked to mobile money account
  3. It entails e-purse account
  4. It uses Near Field Communication technology
  5. It is reloadable
  6. It can be use online and offline
  7. Agent are available nationwide
  8. It has tag that you can attach to your mobile



  1. It is very convenient to use at the comfort of your phone.
  2. Instant validation after registration at location where tag is obtainable.
  3. There are agents and partners nationwide for easy transactions.
  4. Merchant locations for items purchased
  5. Cash withdrawal and deposit at designated locations
  6. Airtime purchase for both PIN and virtual top-up
  7. Transfer funds from a Bank account to another Bank
  8. Funds transfer from a Bank account to an e-Wallet
  9. Make balance enquiries on your bank account as well as that of e-Wallet
  10. Generation of mini-statements



If you encounter any challenge while using your PayAttitide, you may reach customer service for assistance via or call 012703023, 012703021 , 012703011 and your issues will be resolved.


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