Multichoice in 1995 launched its Digital Satellite Television (DSTV) service in sub-Saharan African which was and provides various movies, documentaries, news, music, children, religion, entertainment, style and fashion bouquet channels. Recently DSTV launched its Eazy platform, a self-service page to attend to the needs of its numerous consumers.


Listed Below Are The Numbers Of Functions On The Platform

i. Fix Errors

Fix Error Codes from the comfort of your own home


ii. Make Payment

Pay for your own subscription or pay for someone else


iii. How to Pay

Find out where you can make a payment for your subscription


iv. My Account

Login to the online platform to manage your account details or view your account balance


v. Change Package

Upgrade or change your package effortlessly


vi. Our Products

Find out more about our available packages and devices


vii. Installers

Find an DStv installer near you at the click of a button


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Find more info about Self Service including FAQs or ‘How To’ videos


ix. Contact

Get more info on how you can reach the dstv help centers for further assistance if required.


x. Articles

Stay-up-to-date on all you need to know about Self Service

In this article we will take time to decipher each and every of the hidden error codes which under normal circumstances would warrant a subscriber to provide their smartcard number to access each code individually.


Below Is A Well-Documented List Of DSTV Eazy Error Codes Deciphered:

E04 – Please insert Smartcard.

E06 – Smartcard fault. Cannot Read.

E07 – Checking Smartcard.

E107 – Your Smartcard and decoder are not paired.

E16 – Service is currently scrambled.

XtraView network reset – Waiting for communication.

E17 – Ensure Smartcard is inserted in the decoder

E19 – Service is currently scrambled. Please wait.

E30 – Checking the subscription status.

Please check that the cables from the satellite dish are securely connected to the correct inputs on the back of the decoder. Then switch the decoder off at the plug, wait 10 seconds and switch it back on again. If this error is not cleared, visit Self Service on for troubleshooting steps or contact the DStv Contact Centre.

E32 – Your Smartcard is not switched on or activated, or the channel that you are trying to view may not be part of your package.

E34 – Cannot read Smartcard.

E37 – Invalid channel number.

E38 – Program Map Table not available.

E39 – Service not running.

E42 – Parental Control PIN blocked.

E44 – No PG status is available.

E45 – Service not allowed.

E50 – No services available.

E70 – Services not available on TV2.

E71 – Song title and artist info not available.

E72 – Rescan in progress.

E75 – LNB2 overload.

E74 – LNB1 overload.

E73 – TV link overload.

E76 – Your second TV service is not enabled. Please contact MultiChoice for assistance.

E43 – Not for this country.


How To Clear The E16 Error On Your Decoder

The E16 Error is the most common error message on both DSTV and GOTV Platform. Below is how to go about it.

In most cases, this error message usually appears when your subscription has expired. These days with the use of the online payment platforms like Quickteller and others, you do not need to do anything once you make your payment if your decoder is on, the Error message goes away automatically without any intervention.

The DSTV Eazy self-service page as listed above handles a cross-section issues from subscription payments to bouquet change to even conversance with DSTV packages/products. There is no more need to spend good time and money calling DSTV’s dedicated customer care phone lines which once-upon-a-time was the only way to solve most subscription related problems.



  1. I have paid my subscription fees every month but my decoder is suspended , may I know which month was skipped
    Account no 6507110523089

  2. Nishant Shadilla

    I paid twice last month for 2 months subscription with the hope of getting 3 months with bonus on access buque but unfortunately after the end of first month my decoder has been showing error E16 and i tried to clear it by sending massages and call customer care but till now nothing has been done mt smart card no. 42757552262 my due date is showing 25/2/2018 instead with bonus 25/3/2018. Kindly look into it

  3. I paid #3900 yesterday 14th February 2018 for one month subscription (Family) up till now my TV is showing error here is my decoder no 1030547800 plz look into it thanks

  4. I have paid my account in S.Africa as you have advised us that payments can be done in SA to Zimbabwe customers. However this seems to be not going on well as I have paid an emailed my receipt as p.o.p for the relevant authorities to verify but nothing has changed. May you please solve this mess. ~concerned 10281200187

  5. I have paid my subscription fees every month but my decoder is suspended , may I know which month was on tjis
    Account. 7032065412

  6. I was subscription on 6-10-2020 an my account was suspended on 19-10-2020 why?

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