GTbank Utility Card is a multi purpose card that can be used for transactions at the ATM, POS and for Web based transactions. The GTbank utility card is designed to enable one carry out secure transactions at the ultimate convenience and flexibility. With this card, customers are able to make purchases as well as payments anywhere in Nigeria and abroad.


The GTbank utility card is a unique card and its exhibit features different from the known Naira MasterCard as it can be issued instantly. That is, you will get it the same day you request for it, you dont have to wait for weeks. Also, the utility card is not linked to any account, customers who request for it have to load the card before they can use it for any transaction.  Customers with this card may request for a virtual Prepaid card. This virtual prepaid card will be linked to the Utility card account.


Due to the fact that the card is prepaid in nature, it ensures that funds are safe since its not linked to any account. Moreover, customers are able to control their transactions due to the flexibility of loading it when they need it which can help them to easily distinguish their transactions.


Procedures In Getting The Card

To acquire the GTbank utility card, kindly follow through the steps below;

  1. Visit any GTBank around you
  2. Navigate to the customer service desk and request for the Utility card
  3. You will be given form to fill and ensure you fill in the appropriate details
  4. Submit the form and wait till you’re called for your card.


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GTbank Utility Card Uses

The GTbank Utility Card is a multi purpose payment card that can be used for divers variety of payment options across various platforms which includes :

  1. Payment of Utility bills such as PHCN, Cable TV etc.
  2. ATM withdrawals
  3. Payment of goods at shops and supermarkets.
  4. Fuel purchase payment at Filling stations
  5. POS purchases in Nigeria and abroad
  6. Airline tickets purchases
  7. Domestic and international Online purchases
  8. Customers may request for the virtual prepaid Utility card for online purchases.


Features of GTBank Utility Card

  1. The card grants access to cash 24/7 both home and abroad across all ATMs.
  2. The card secures your funds and transactions with the use of chip and PIN. You’re covered.
  3. It is valid for 2 years
  4. It is usable on POS terminals for purchase of goods and services.
  5. A non personalized card be requested and granted instantly or virtual card through internet banking.
  6. The maximum amount you can load in day is N100,000
  7. The transaction limit for a day is N60,000 at ATM machine while for POS is N250,000
  8. The card is valid for both internet and domestic transactions.
  9. You get instant notification via SMS and email alert.
  10. You can load the card at bank branches and through internet banking.


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