JaizMobile banking app is a mobile device banking app introduced to enable easy access to Jaiz bank account at anywhere, anytime. It is a quick, simple, secured, safe, and a convenient platform introduced by Jaiz Bank to enable the clients to manage any banking transactions done on their mobile devices and also giving them more access to their accounts.


This mobile banking app can be installed from Google Play on Android devices, the Windows Store on Windows devices, App Store on iOS devices, and BlackBerry AppWorld on BlackBerry devices. With this mobile banking app, the following are benefits and the type of transaction services provided to the clients or customers on the app.



Benefits Of Jaiz Mobile Banking App Include The Following

  1. It enables every client to have a simple access to his or her record anytime, anywhere.
  2. It enables the customers to perform exchanges or transfer services whenever or wherever it might suit them, that is, at their convenience.
  3. Services provided on the app is understandable, quick, secured, and safe.
  4. Online constant, real-time monitoring, and at the same time managing an account makes this mobile banking app more fascinating.
  5. It is an internet-based service.


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Transaction Performed on Jaiz Mobile Banking App Is As Follows

  1. Cash is transferred between the client’s very own accounts.
  2. Transfer to a third party within Jaiz Bank is conceivable.
  3. Bills installment.
  4. Statement of accounts made by the clients can be viewed, printed and downloaded.
  5. Assets exchange or fund transaction between Jaiz Bank and to other financial accounts is also made available on the banking app.
  6. Recharging of clients phones or that of the family and companion is made possible.



How To Set-Up Jaiz Mobile Banking App

The following are the steps required for clients to activate Jaiz Mobile Banking app on their mobile devices

  1. Search on the mobile app store on the mobile device to be used. This is done by searching for the Google Play on Android devices, Windows Store on Windows devices, App Store on iOS devices, and BlackBerry AppWorld on BlackBerry devices
  2. JaizMobile Application should be typed and download.
  3. Launching on to the downloaded app and registering the account number (clients bank account number), mobile number and other required details should follow.
  4. Selecting on the network provider for the mobile phone and submission.
  5. Activation of the JaizMobile through the default pin and the activation code sent to the mobile number; and sending the activation code to 20220 through an SMS.
  6. Login on to JaizMobile and tap on security on the menu list to change the default pin into a four (4) digit desired number as the new pin.



Without Going Through The Steps:

  • Log in to the bank’s website com and download the JaizOnline application form or by simply going to any of the Jaiz banks, walk up to the customer service, and pick up the application form to fill to enable the bank to create an online profile.
  • Mail comprising of the User ID with default password will be through the provided email address from the client.
  • Logging on the Jaiz portal online, and sign up to the account with the provided User ID and default password.
  • Change User ID and default password to the choice of the client.


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