PayAttitude is a payment solution which provides every customer a 100% successful transaction with or without network. It allows a customer to use a phone number for payment on the POS, WEB and cash withdrawals at ATM.

There are two types:

  • Debit
  • Prepaid plus



PayAttitude Debit is a variation of PayAttitude which is linked to your bank account(s). It is in form factor(tag) and in digital version which guarantees both proximity and remote payments.  



Prepaid plus

PayAttitude PrepaidPlus is another variation of PayAttitude which is linked to a wallet upon subscription. It comes in the  form factor(tag) and in digital version which also supports both proximity and remote payments.


PayAttitude tag is that Chip+Pin contactless solution which is based on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which changes a subscriber’s mobile phone to an NFC device Plus ePurse enabling the subscriber to debit his/her account(s) for Proximity/Contactless payment negotiations.

The Plus functionality of the PayAttitude tag provides customers the confidence and ease of a 100% successful payment for goods and services at seller locations at all times, in spite of network challenges.



Financial Transactions Available On PayAttitude

You can;

  • Request for transfer/payment
  • Make Cash withdrawal on ATMs using your phone number
  • Make transactions on Pos and Web with your phone number

PayAttitude Digital works on every smartphone and tablets that operates on the Android and IOS platforms. It is available on Appstore and Play store.


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How To Link Your Bank Account To Pay Attitude

To link your bank account to the application, use the following steps:

  • Open either Appstore for iOS and Playstore for Android users and Search for “PayAttitude Digital”
  • Click “Install”.
  • Wait for the app to download and complete installation
  • Click on the  “Allow”  link to allow PayAttitude to access your device.
  • Click “open” to access the app’s login page
  • Click “new user”.
  • Follow the steps to link your account


Registration And Signing Up After Receiving Your Pre-registration SMS

  • Download the app from the sms link you received on your phone and install.
  • Choose “new user”.
  • Choose “I have been preregistered”
  • Depending on your banking institution you have been pre-registered with choose “bank, mobile money and other accounts” or “wallet/prepaid”.
  • Finally Accept terms and conditions.



To access PayAttitude Digital via USSD, simply Just dial *569# to register and start transacting securely with just your phone number. No Data is required although service charges may apply.



Remember that a nickname identifies your bank account and can never be used to login. There is a Difference between a nickname and a username.

The PIN is a 6-digit Personal Identification Number which is used to authorize your  transactions. A PIN  should not contain alphabets. An example of a PIN is 089756. Your 6 digit PIN  guarantees the security of your transactions.

Your Password is a secret word known only to you that must be used to log into the Digital application. Alongside the PIN, your password guarantees the privacy of your Application.

A standard password contains upper casing, lower casing, special characters and at least 8 digits. An example of a password is meat#1234.


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