Quebec is a French dominant speaking area that is located in the eastern part of Canada with two commercial and vibrant cities in the south which is also connected chemin du roy highway that is along saint Lawrence river. Today, we will share with you how to immigrate to Quebec with all the requirement that you will need.

One of the ways any person can easily migrate to Quebec is through the Quebec skilled workers program, this was developed by the Quebec government and generally the Canadian federal government. The Quebec skilled workers program (QSWP) allows trained and highly educated foreigners immigrate easily to Quebec as skilled workers. All prospective skilled workers will be evaluated in accordance to their selection factors and for all applicant that scores higher points will be given a Quebec selection certificate (CSQ) which will be used to apply for Canadian permanent residency.



The Quebec Immigration Requirement

The qualification for the Quebec immigration skilled workers program will be determined by nine Quebec selection criteria. The Quebec skilled workers program points are given in accordance to this criteria so that they can be able to identify the immigrants that can economically do well when they enter Quebec.

For you to qualify as an immigrant to Canada as a Quebec selected skilled worker, an  applicant need to score a minimum of 50 points, and for those potential immigrants who intends to apply as a common law partner or as a spouse, should score at least 59 points for them to be qualified for the Quebec skilled workers program.


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All eligible persons will be given points based on performance through the following method.

  1. your level of education which will be given a maximum point of 25
  2. Test of your language skill which will be both written and oral. The language that you will be tested is English language and French and will have a maximum of 28 points
  3. Your work experience or exposure which will have between 9 to 15 points to be given.
  4. Your age points, more point are given for younger immigrant that has the age range of 18 to 35 years which 12 points are normally given to this type of people. For older people, the point will be reduced.
  5. They will test your ability to fit into the Canadian cultural and social life, their climate, etc. this test has at least 10 points.

Please note that to have the possibility of receiving a the Quebec selection certificate, you must not get below 50 point, while for spouse applicant must score 59 points out of the possible 100 point.



All The Fees Involved

We have a compulsory government processing fees which is to be paid by those that intend to apply for the Quebec skilled worker immigration program.

  • For dependent children, will have to pay the sum of 166 Canadian dollar each
  • For spouse or common law partner, will have to pay the sum of 166 Canadian dollar
  • For the main applicant, will have to pay the sum of 773 Canadian dollar


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