The quickteller paypoint is a shop or trade location where Interswitch Financial Inclusion Services (IFIS) have their agent to attend to customers who may wants to access and buy any their products and services. The Interswitch Financial Inclusion Services is licensed by the apex bank of the land (Central Bank of Nigeria) to provide electronic financial services especially for the unbanked population.


Services Available At Quickteller Paypoint

There are a number of services accessible at the quickteller paypoint with the help of quickteller paypoint agent. The services include;

  1. Cash withdrawal from your account
  2. Cash deposit into any bank account whether yours or third party account
  3. Utility bill payment such as electricity bill, cable TV subscription, Tax etc.
  4. All networks airtime recharge
  5. Payments e.g airline tickets, insurance fees etc.
  6. Bank account opening for all banks
  7. Hotel reservations


Requirements For Quickteller Paypoint

The following are basic requirements for Quickteller Paypoint registration;

  1. Applicant must be literate
  2. Applicant must have a physical shop
  3. Applicant must own a functional Android phone
  4. A valid means of identification such as voter’s card, national ID, driver’s license, international passport etc.
  5. Statement of Account
  6. Passport photographs
  7. A start up capital
  8. Utility bill for proof of address


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How To Register Quickteller Paypoint

Registering a quickteller paypoint means that you want to be a quickteller paypoint agent. There are three possible class of registration which are classic, standard and prestige. The classic category is for individual, standard is for small businesses while prestige is for big businesses. There are few steps you are required to take and they are;

  1. Log on to the online application page to fill the application form online
  2. Exercise patience for about three weeks for location verification. This means someone from quickteller will visit you to verify your office after which you will be provided with a form to fill. You are to attach a passport photograph with the form.
  3. Next is to make payment. Note that this payment is not a registration fee but its a kind of capital you will begin your transactions with. So the money is yours after all. Pay into first bank, account number 3096902289 with account name Interswitch Financial Inclusion Services. While paying, use your business name as depositor name.
  4. After payment, exercise some patience to receive your PIN. This should not be more than 24 hours
  5. Next is training. After going through the training then you are set to begin transactions.
  6. The last step is the visitation of a Business Support Personnel. You will be given materials to work with which include IFIS certificate, branding materials, tariff sheet, transaction register, IFIS identity, IFIS agent code etc.


For further enquiry, you may forward an enquiry email to or call either of these numbersĀ  +234(1)906-5000, +234(1)628-3888. You may as well visit any quickteller agent close to you for more details and guidance.


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