Remita is an repayment platform that enables her users to send and receive funds across bank accounts and cards. It is first a web based payment platform through her official website, this means with remita you don’t have to visit bank or ATM spots to make payment. You can carry out transactions anywhere you are.


Today, remita has made it a lot easier by offering her numerous customers mobile app called remita mobile app. With remita mobile app you can carry out all Remita functions from one screen. Apart from receiving and sending payment, it means that one can now manage payroll and other HR processes via the remita mobile app.


Features Of Remita Mobile App

  1. With Remita mobile app, you can make payment to more than a thousand Federal Government ministries, agencies and departments from the comfort of your mobile device.
  2. With Remita mobile app, you can request for payment from customers, clients and friends with QR code and make payment via the same process.
  3. With Remita mobile app, you have the opportunity to create and switch between multiple profiles. For instance, as an employee, individual and employer. You will be able to view payslips as an employee, make and receive payment as an individual and also approve payment of staff salaries as an employer, all on one app.
  4. With Remita mobile app, you can view balances across ATM cards and bank accounts
  5. With Remita mobile app, you can carry out transactions over different bank accounts and ATM cards at the comfort of phone.
  6. With Remita mobile app, you can purchase airtime of any network and of any amount.


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How To Install Remita Mobile App

Remita mobile app may be installed via two safe ways. Either from the official remita website or via the mobile app store. Either of the processes is free of charge. Kindly follow the steps below to get it installed.

  1. Launch your mobile app store or log on to
  2. In the search box in your mobile app store, type “remita” and click on search icon. On the website, navigate and click on mobile app
  3. On your mobile app store, click on the remita app to install it on your mobile device and if on the website, click on your respective operating system to install it on your device.
  4. After installation, you may launch the app, login and navigate through the app tabs.


How To Use Remita App For Different Transactions

After installation of the Remita mobile app and a successful login into your account, you may now begin to use it for different transactions such as for payment, viewing of balances, airtime purchase etc.

To make payment with the app, after launching the app, click on the menu and click on transfer. From there select the card or bank to transfer from and input amount and details of recipient. Once you make payment, you will get bank alert instantly.


For airtime recharge, from the menu, simply click on buy airtime and then follow the prompts to fill in the amount and mobile number to be recharged. This is at no extra cost. To view your balances, you may click on view balances from the menu and then select the card or account you want to view its balance and it will be displayed.


For any issue or challenges, you may forward an email to or call any of these mobile numbers (234) 8035555051-2, 0700-4736482, 01 280 5180-8, 0700-7877678


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