The opera software is a company responsible for the creation of the popular opera browser. It is a Norwegian based company. In order to expand her business, opera software acquired SurfEasy Inc., a Canadian virtual private network company, not long ago. With the new acquisition, opera software integrated the SurfEasy virtual private network service into her services, the result was awesome, it birth Opera virtual private network (VPN).


The opera VPN is free virtual private network which enable her users to access their favorite websites, apps and other browsing functions. The opera VPN has app that is available for both  Android and iOS. This virtual private network is unlike several others that can only be accessed and used after subscription, it is absolutely free. Simply get it downloaded to your device, install it and begin to enjoy the service.


Features Of Opera VPN

There are few features of the Opera VPN  which you need to know about. Perhaps, they may be reasons why you need to get it on your device.

  1. Opera VPN helps to bypass restricted access to some websites and apps.
  2. Opera VPN keeps you safe when using a Wi-Fi service such that your data cannot be intercepted and administrators cant view your activity.
  3. Opera VPN enhances a faster internet speed while surfing the internet.
  4. Opera VPN encrypts your local web traffic.
  5. Opera VPN is free, you don’t need to pay for subscription to use it
  6. Opera VPN has a user friendly interface that will help you safe time.
  7. Opera VPN offers additional security with other privacy features
  8. Opera VPN allow its users to choose from any of the five server locations in Canada, USA, Germany, Netherlands, and Singapore.

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How To Download The Opera VPN  Apk

To take advantage of the wonderful functions of the Opera VPN, you will need to download and install it on your device. Basically, there are three possible ways to get the  Opera VPN apk and they are:

  1. You could download opera VPN via the mobile app stores. Simply launch your app store and search for the app via the search box and you can then install it on your device.
  2. You can as well download the app on the official website of the Opera VPN, simply log on to and then click on “iPhone & iPad” or “Android” under “DOWNLOAD” depending on your mobile device or click on the Google play logo to download it from Google play.
  3. Lastly, you may download the the apk from free apk downloading websites. Although I this is not the best place to do so but its an option


Well, this app has got a good rating from people who certified its satisfactory customer experience with a 3 out of 5 rating. Conclusively, its an app for everyone seeking excellence of service with a considerable amount of security. You may let us have your opinion on the app if you have used it before, feel free to leave a your opinion in comments box.


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