In today’s world, technology has helped people do many things that would have been considered impossible in the former generation. People can now do so many things including sending and receiving money from any part of the entire world without moving an inch from the comfort of their home. Everything is done right from the screen of their various computer. Thanks to the internet that has made the world a global village. Well it is common for most Nigerians living abroad to send money back to their relatives, or even still relatives here in Nigeria can also send money to their family members schooling abroad.


There was a time when Nigerians were caught participating in money laundering act, and most of these international money transfer agencies expelled the country from their list of subscribers. This affected many as they found it difficult to keep sending and receiving money but there are some money transfer organisation that still accept Nigeria which I would be sharing with you below.



How To Send And Receive Money To And From Nigeria

  1. With The Use Of Western Union
  2. To send money, create an on-line account.
  3. Choose the transfer service that best suit you.
  4. Input the recipient payment info and confirm the identity.

And that’s all.


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How To Receive Money

You can do this in three ways

* Through an agent.

* Through your prepaid card

* Directly into your account.

I strongly recommend the third option.

Just visit your bank and they would put you through.


  1. With The Use Of MoneyGram

This is a very easy way of sending and receiving money.

To use MoneyGram, all you need to do is to be aware of the cost (service charge) of transferring the money. When you are sure of the cost, you can now find an agent closest to you. If you are not sure of the service charge, the agent can as well tell you. Now proceed to your agent’s office with documents that would be used as a means of identification.

A form would be given to you. Complete it accordingly and submit it with the amount you want to send together with the service charge.

You would be given a receipt. Keep it for reference purpose.

Send the reference number to the recipient and inform them to expect the money.



Receiving money Is Quite Easier

Just provide your reference number and valid means of identification.

Your cash would be supplied.


  1. With The Use Of On-line Services

This include the use of services like PayPal, Skrill, TransferWise etc.

This services are not really reliable. For instance, PayPal does not pay Nigerians.



No matter which service you are using, you need to be highly sensitive as you are dealing with money. Any small mistake could cost you a lot and it could even be classified as fraud which usually attracts a jail term. When using agents, be very carefully because they too want those monies for their pockets.


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