The Airtel telecommunications service provider is one of the vibrant mobile network in Nigeria. It is also one of the most widely used network provider in the country. Airtel is used across all age gaps for reason or the other. Some prefer its call charge rate while some love freebies it gives on diverse tariff plans and for some, it’s majorly for internet access and availability.

The network offers one of the best data plans and services in the country. Airtel calls prides herself as the smartphone network because she often offers sales of smartphone with data plans at a friendly price from time to time.

In this piece, we shall take a look at the various unlimited plans. This include their validity, price and benefits associated with such plan. Below are the unlimited plans discussed in details;


Free Basics Plan

This is an incredibly unlimited data access service. Airtel has selected a number of websites that you can visit for free. You don’t have to have any active data plan running on your line, as long as it is an active Airtel line. You don’t even need a minimum balance you enjoy this. You can browse those websites for as long as you like. You can even download the free basics app for free and use it for free.

All you need is an internet enabled phone and an active Airtel line. Simply log on to and you will find the websites you can visit for free. Some of the websites include Facebook, Google, BBC News, Jobberman, Bing, OLX, Nairaland, Wikipedia, SuperSport and lots more.


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30 Minutes Data Plan

This data plan offers unlimited internet access and download for 30 minutes. This data plan means that you can do whatever you like online in 30 minutes after subscription. Think of what you can achieve in 30 minutes with the Airtel data service that is both fast and accessible any time.

This data plan cost just N300 only. You can subscribe by dialling *439*3# on an active Airtel line with sufficient airtime balance.


60 Minutes Data Plan

Here is another unlimited data plan from Airtel, the smartphone network. How much internet can you surf in 60 minutes and how much can you download in an hour. It is absolutely your choice to make because the fast internet access is always there to assist you do so much.

This subscription is not restricted to any time of the day. You choose the time to subscribe. To subscribe, please dial *439*4# at the rate of N500 only.


Airtel NIGHT 120 Plan

This is an unlimited data plan for the night workers. If you are busy during the day or you just love to work online or surf the internet when everything cools down, then this plan is good for you. You can access the internet, download or surf the internet for three hours. There is nothing as lovely as being online without issues and that is what airtel offers.

To enjoy this data plan, please dial *481*2# and note that it is usable between the hours of 12am and 5:59am. It cost N1000 only.


These are the available unlimited plans on Airtel network. In case you have any issues, complaints or enquiry, please contact customer care via 111 for free on any active Airtel line.


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